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  1. Never Return Alive

    How about a remix of Never Return Alive from Streets of Rage 2. I found an awsome mix of it on years ago. I don't remember who mixed it and it is definitely not on oc remix. So one of you talented people should whip up something fresh. Oh and Tekken needs some love too. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for all the info. I would try my hand at this remix thing if my musical background consisted of more than the song editor on Mario Paint, heh.
  3. I haven't played FFVII since it was first released, can anyone tell me if there is a current or planned remix of the song from the opening sequence,when they go on the first mission. I have had it stuck in my head for years. I believe it was used throughout the entire original demo to the game that came with Tobal No.1. And maybe someone can tell me the name of that song if it is in fact on the original soundtract. BTW this site rocks. Thanks