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  2. Oh nawwww this goes EXTRA hard. Awesome job y'all! I initially didn't recognize the source in the track but kinda didn't care haha. Then I went and listened to the source and still didn't recognize the song ­čśş. I think it was from an FMV during Lunatic Pandora I guess....anyway, neither here nor there! You guys killed it.
  3. Yes! Absolutely, unequivocally! There's so much to talk about, but since @Liontamer covered most of it - the sheer success of the methodology! I love it when a plan comes together... it's one thing to describe recording the different violin parts & then blending with samples, but for the end result to have worked so well is bona-fide gee-shucks impressive. This mix shoots for a stylized, autentico Mariachi sound/space/atmosphere, and while I don't claim to be anything remotely resembling an authority or even a connoisseur, texturally I was transported. Could have played it clean, but got a little dirty, and when combined with the expressive trumpets & overall vibe, I was feeling it. I consider this a difficult genre to execute well, and that's what's been done - megaprops to @Deedubs & contributing artists for killing it, and with style!
  4. Because this just happened to line up with the series finale of HBO's Succession, it almost seemed like an odd mashup or a Jeopardy! "Before & After" answer of some ilk. I always love woodwinds, and while there were a couple tails that could have used progressive vibrato, I really enjoyed the performances, along with the chromatic percussion. The only glock this mix is packing is an -enspiel. The intro conjures a Harry Potter or Tchaikovsky vibe, take your pick, and the overall blend of the live instruments in the space is uneasy-yet-playful & even a bit spooky. Good stuff!
  5. BIG MIX!!! @Liontamer mentioned rock opera but tbh it didn't feel explicitly along those lines, at least not to the same extent as "The Impresario" - to me, that genre is defined by a more traditional & dramatic vocal style, a mix of rock and musical theater/drama sensibilities, with The Who's Tommy and Weber's Jesus Christ Superstar as quintessential examples. This reads more like Badass Metal + Bigass Latin Death Choir of Doom, a genre you could almost just call "Uematsu" if you wanted. I didn't get the camp or melodrama or Freddy Mercurizing that I strongly associate with rock opera, is what I'm saying. But guess what? Doesn't matter, because what's here is DOPE; fantastic, GIGANTIC sound that nonetheless remains coherent & high-impact throughout, with a spot-on choir imbuing each Latin phrase with appeal-to-antiquity gravitas. This arrangement delivers big on a big source, and checks more than a few boxes in the process. Great contribution to the album!
  6. Truly awesome sound design & genre-blending here; lovely organic/crunchy percussive elements, seamless transitions, and non-stop creativity. Great stuff! As a titular sidenote, the quote about the definition of insanity being "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" is often misattributed to Einstein, but there's no evidence he said it... there's a good Quanta thought-piece on "But what if he had???" at https://www.quantamagazine.org/einsteins-parable-of-quantum-insanity-20150910/
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  8. Thanks Larry! The hunt is on! Here are the lyrics; It includes a smattering of French, so there's that too! I'll stop the rain for you And steal the sun. Finding you was... There's no death in love. (Je vous attends...) Heart of fire. (Je vous attends...) I'll wait for you. (Je vous attends...) (Je vous attends...) I'll wait for you... Ice cold, in the dark, My heart's a stone. Emptier still, C'est mon coeur glac├ę. This frozen heart Crush my fears Melting for you. (Je vous attends...) (Je vous attends...) I wait for you...
  9. You're correct on both counts. We do have stuff that extensively uses sampled lyrics from original songs, but those are grandfathered in and wouldn't be allowed these days. Let's find you a vocalist, Robbie!
  10. Last week
  11. Here's a house mix of No Death In Love from Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. The original here is absolutely one of my favourite songs of all-time. Amazing vocals, gorgeous melodies, simple but haunting chords with a real cinematic flair. I really want to try and capture the feel of the track whilst giving it a modern house edge. Most instrument sounds here are placeholders at the moment, and I'm using the original isolated vocals in here. I really wish I could use them in the final version, but I am almost certain it's against the rules? I'm thinking I will need to find a female vocalist to re-record these vocals. I'd love the original feel to stay intact, but am completely open to somebody making it their own... get in touch! EDIT: SirenStar has kindly jumped on for vocal duties. I'm very excited now! Anyways, this is simple and straight to the point so far, lots of things to add and vary up. Let me know what you think so far! No Death In Love WIP 1.mp3
  12. yo unknown pseudoartist! i dig your name. welcome.

    i'm somewhat the same, for the last decade. unknown anyway, but the pseudo part especially.



    sigh ;)

  13. this hasn't happened in a while. i'm happy. it's only 95% done, gotta iron some things out. exporting on my netbook takes forever, and pretty close to maxing out it's tiny cpu. enjoy (or not)!
  14. https://on.soundcloud.com/LyZm8 updated version @Hemophiliac
  15. https://youtu.be/q3skfM-cH9Y A game I almost forgot until a couple of years was Little Nemo Dream Master. The first stage, Mushroom Forest, had such an unforgetable theme and it brings back both feelings and memories I also think it has this melancholic amtosphere which I believe comes from the harmony in the chords that's used. Another thing I loved with this stage was the big mushrooms and enemies lurking around in that dark forest. It really fits into what is supposed to mimic the dreams of Nemo. Of course I remember one more thing, this game was dead hard. I didn't manage to get through many stages, but I really wish I had because I heard the ending is great. Did you guys beat this game? As you can hear I made some difference in the chord progression in the first section, starting with minor chords instead of major. It gave a bit of a new atmosphere with just a little distance to the original. The bass line is very influenced by one of my favourite synthwave artists/producers - Mitch Murder. Listen to the song Assembly Line and you hear nothing but perfection in sense of production, mixing and quality. The perfect reference music if you're looking for a clean sound. I hope that I could come close to that some day! I was fooling around with a distorted lead sound during the creation of this remix, and at the same time was a bit inspired by metal (which I listened to a lot in the past). This resulted in the section starting at 1:11 (right after a heavy metal inspired solo) with double bass drums following what sounds like down tuned distorted guitars/basses in a not so common but hot rhythm. The forest ambience sound is found on freesound.org and contributes to the total atmosphere of forestness. I hope you enjoy this one! Maybe not a very common game, but I played it at some friends houses and liked the music back then as much as I do now. Hope it can bring back some memories of yours too! /Neon X
  16. Welcome to the forums! Atmosphere on this is very nice. I can see why you're happy with that. The reason why you're saying it feels static is because your backing doesn't change through the whole piece. Variation in the drums and bass would do wonders for this. Adding a B section for a changeup in feel would take this to the next level. Adding 15 seconds of vinyl crackle at the end doesn't feel as satisfying as you think it might. How you handled the variation on the melody in the guitar is quite lovely and fits the vibe nicely. I suggest to give some variation in the drums and bass, and maybe consider a more definitive ending (pre-crackle) for a more solid ending. Great start, lots of potential here.
  17. Demo of a 'trip-hop' arrangement of the classic Wily Stage from Megaman 2. I'm pretty happy with the 'atmosphere' of the song, but it feels pretty static at the moment. I'd like to eventually submit this to OCR, so don't hold back on the feedback! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FJeSCUZvJaCERr0N6xzsWmp3G4Fq93jZ/view?usp=share_link
  18. Wow. This song gave me all the feels. So beautiful!
  19. I've really been digging the pulse remixes I've been hearing from MkVaff lately, both here and his channel. It's like taking the best parts of the source and giving them a shot of adrenaline, which makes for a great listening experience when you already like the tune. Hella recommended.
  20. Sounds almost a race in and of itself with it's arrangement, especially closer to the end with the cameos and the speed up "final lap" part. Interesting for sure, pretty good for a short and sweet mix.
  21. Definitely grooving to this and feeling that older, smooth but not too smooth, jazzy vibe. Greatly enjoyed the marimba work here and all the pieces can together so well. Nice and funky, love it.
  22. Now this is the kind of mix I could imagine if the ice world's bosses had custom themes based off the map theme, because it has the aggressive energy and speed for a battle. Not bad at all.
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