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  2. I have the utmost appreciation for updating the queue thread. hmmhowtomakethisaquestion ... Were you aware of that?
  3. Good luck with this! There's three finished tracks already, that would make a solid backbone for an EP-sized release already! Such a cool concept as well. Lots of big names on the WIP list too! Somebody herd these cats home.
  4. Dextastic

    I Scored an RPG

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check this out.
  5. Darkflamewolf

    (Recruiting Album Director) The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    I'm strongly tempted, especially since Arcadia Legends is more or less out the door, but we'll see about how future events in life play out first. Either way, I wish you luck finding a solid Director for this album!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Deadlines updated. Mario Circuit will be a collab track !
  8. TheVideoGamer

    Spin the Wheel - Number 1

    Finally got a bonus mix out! Since i selected the games. I can only make a bonus mix! You can find it below. I choose the final boss of the game. Mostly know under the title of "The Brood Queen and Her Claws" or "Phalanx Queen" Don't vote for this mix please. It's a bonus! (Now if only this was on ThaSauce)
  9. I have two warning points. They will never go away.

    Eventually there will be a third, designed to make me go away.

    13+ years at OCR will go down the drain.

    All loss and no gain.

    But that's life so fuck you and get used to it, lol.


  10. DJ H0us3C0rP3

    2. ready for review Super Sonic Racing

    Listen to Adyoro - Shibuya [FREE DOWNLOAD] by BIG PUMPKINS #np on #SoundCloud inspiration for the hardstyle.
  11. DJ H0us3C0rP3

    2. ready for review Super Sonic Racing So I thought that maybe this song would sound cool in a hardstyle so I have prototype to compare. Let me know which one you like better!
  12. Last week
  13. You know, you seem familiar to me. Have we worked together on something before...? Hey, Jorito! Got something I think you'll like - I'll PM you with some ideas later.
  14. I vaguely recall promising to look at maybe doing a track. I am unfamiliar with Star Fox, so you might need to hit me up with some suggestions Also, depending on time & artwork availability, I might be able to help out with the website; I’ve done it a few times before by now...
  15. TheVideoGamer

    Spin the Wheel - Number 1

    I don't know. Maybe we will see when a winner is decided *wink* lol. Stage 2c is an excellent choice. Just to clarify you don't have to decide on a track first. You can post the name of the track in the submission and it's still ok. Thanks for entering anyways!
  16. (why do gifs not show up) Anyway, good to know. @The Nikanoru my brother knows how to do HTML and a bit of CSS. PM me for more details.
  17. Hello, all! Just letting everyone know that I will probably be done reframing the project for sometime next week and will post the new guidelines for the final leg of the project then. This will include some of the updates in track listings, track progress, remixers, and finally, some stuff on the narratives and how I'd like to roll that out. I think I've reached out to everyone except a few people now, but I'm still waiting for responses form a lot of people. I need to know where you are at on your tracks, folks - not just because I want to start to wind this project down and need to gauge how much work there is left to do, but part of this reframing is also a rejigging of the concept and if your track isn't part of this, then I might need to adjust the track list, the script content or even the number of scripts for the narrative portion. I now have 5 final WAVs - thanks to @Afilion for finishing his Titanic Beach in record time - and 18 other tracks in various states of completion. Get in touch with me please and let me know what's going on! If I don't hear from you on your track before I repost the concept toward the end of next week, then I may have to move on regardless. I know I'm partly responsible for that - we've already lost a few folks to attrition due to my absences already - but I've always said I'll see this through one way or another, and dammit, I WILL! That being said, I do need help: There are still open claims to be taken! If you are interested in something, let me know and I can get you a list of open claims in the meantime. I will be actively looking for voice-over roles again once the concept is reposted. If you can do a good Pigma impression, we want you! LOL I am still looking for a co-director and I am now looking for assistant director as well. (Good luck, @DS394, wish you all the best). I need a website - not now, but soon. @Starphoenix was supposed to help me on this, but I haven't heard from him lately. I will need someone to design the ambiance/ambient music/'je ne sais quoi' for the narratives. Preferably someone with experience in this area or in soundtrack design in general. If you are interested in any of this, please contact me via PM or the project email - you can reach out on Discord (@Nika) as well, but I might take longer to respond, because I'm old school. --- I also want to say that I'm very happy to be back and doing this again. My life has been missing a lot of joy lately and being part of this again (as little as it seems) has made me feel so much better about so many aspects of my life - so thank you, LSC team and OCR, for letting me come along for the ride and helping me move on with my life.
  18. Ronald Poe

    Spin the Wheel - Number 1

    I think this is a cool idea. I'm probably going to do a remix of "Stage 2C" (that's what the midi said but I think it's "Sentinel Complex"). Is Battletoads an option for a pick (classic game but not many remixes on this site).
  19. Another year where I fail to produce anything.
  20. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  21. Sweet track! This could totally be an old MoN track from twenty years ago.
  22. I've usually been checking this thread for info on submissions currently in the judging process, but it seems they've stopped updating it. Is there some place I don't know about where this can be checked?
  23. This is an OCRemix classic! Used to listen to this a lot back in the day.
  24. Mordi

    I Scored an RPG

    Checked it out on Bandcamp. Pretty cool! It's reminiscent of a module-based sound (.xm, .mod), which is nice. Interesting to hear that you've recently been getting into soundtrack work. I have that same itch, so I can definitely relate. By the way, I used to listen to your stuff way before I got into remixing. Slick Rippin' Keen among others. Really nice tunes.
  25. Cool tune! The instrumentation is just like a Drax-mod or a WAVE-mod. Maybe he used one as a template? Pretty cool either way.
  26. Ikari_Gendou

    I want a Jet Force Gemini OST's orchestral performance to happen

    This weekend I’ll be sending some emails I guess. @Light_of_Aether fuck I’m in love! Really good start for Sekhmet.
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