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  2. I bumped the bpm a little and fixed some backing guitar issues. I think it's ready for an evaluator's ear. Of course I'll take any ear willing to spend a few minutes with my arrangement.
  3. Vote in! Definitely had a few words to say about each one...
  4. Wroom wroom noises here Not submitting this as it's very "color within the lines" cover stuff moreso than a proper remix. Still, these old Amiga games don't necessarily get the love they deserve. Enjoy. c:
  5. Spooki sounds here (Lossless 48/24 version only by judge/staff request) A dark psytrance remix of "Jaffars Theme" and "Final Battle" from Prince of Persia for the SNES. A sampled reference from the original Apple II version of Jafar conjuring forth the hourglass is also present in the song though that's more of a soundeffect than any sort of musical score. Original composers for the SNES OST are Toshiya Yamanaka and Tetsuya Nakan. The small sampled bit was a melodic sting for the Apple II version written by Francis Mechner, as far as I can discern, alternatively Tom Rettig
  6. Well, we're at the two months to go mark, which means I'll be sending everyone a PM later this evening. So keep an eye out for that.
  7. you increase the volume plus bass that way, hence it sounds better.
  8. I was honestly not sure what to call the fake key change. Guess I'll roll with that! FWIW, the "PMD2" imitation was pretty good. Sounds like it would fit in the real game!
  9. Last week
  10. https://youtu.be/_xPqx0-ssXw Star Fox remix my buddy, Tee Lopes, and I recently had a lot of fun putting together.
  11. I got some pretty cool memorabilia from those.
  12. When you start with a song as good as Steam Gardens, it's almost guaranteed you'll have a winner. I think this goes on a little longer than necessary but it's good nonetheles
  13. I don't really have any straight-up chiptunes under my belt (unless I've done some long ago and forgot about it..) I have this small game project soundtrack which is quite chippy: https://github.com/kiigame/adventure_engine/tree/develop/audio ..and a couple of chip-influenced tracks here on OCR: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03887 https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03729 https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03286
  14. I wrote this GB doodle for a "21 days of composition" challenge. It's tracked in .IT format but could probably be converted to .MOD with different (but very similar I'd think) samples, hopefully without too much difficulty. I've always liked the tune and it doesn't have a home, so, I'd be fine gifting it to an actual game. :) https://www.mazedude.com/21days/mazedude-21days-21.mp3 More goodies from the challenge here: https://www.mazedude.com/21-day-challenge... and actually the following chiptune doodles from the challenge don't have a home either, maybe they could be converted to GB
  15. The levels are a bit all over the place but it's taking shape https://drive.google.com/file/d/13UqIBYgoIc-GkRBNbTHHR7tRTeEXtbXC/view?usp=sharing
  16. I like the clarity you've added to the Raise Thy Sword segment. The bass elements feel improved too. Your theme and name are real intriguing and poetic, I really get this vibe of something artificial trying to be something it can't. The synthetic elements seem to try and emulate the organic vibes of a cathedral in a way, and just comes out as hauntingly beautiful and twisted. The organ sounding synth and piano really help that theme. This is a pretty artistic piece, nice work.
  17. Congrats on hitting a new beginning in life and remixing, then! I know from my goofy music history that branching out and trying new things has benefitted me in my work. New instruments, new styles, new objectives, and the rest. This piece is sweet and gentle, looking forward to hearing your new direction in future songs. Keep at it.
  18. Groovy action piece. It reminds me of the soundtrack of Custom Robo on the Gamecube, especially some of the saws. Nice work!
  19. Cool! Do you have any chiptunes I could listen to?
  20. Hi! I guess it's not evident, my music on OCR is here:https://ocremix.org/artist/12710/eino-keskitalo

    Did you ever figure out that DOS RPG you were asking about in 2013? :)

  21. @StarZander This sounds like a cool project! I could see myself contributing a track or two. I haven't made GB music before, but I'm familiar with trackers (I use Renoise tracker for all of my tracks here on OCR), and began working on module tunes (.xm format) back in the 90s. I should be able to follow the GB limitations, although I have no direct proof. In fact, this "convert mods using certain specifications" approach sounds like a nice and easy way for me to get into making Game Boy music, interesting to hear GB Studio having this approach!
  22. This was such a fun game from my childhood and this track in particular is so strange and catchy. I would just love to hear it some sort of updated form. I also love the original composer's comment about this track. He contracted some sort of stomach flu while making this one, hence the queasy synths. It's a dark, trippy electronic track that has a bright "relief" middle section. Just love it.
  23. Bonus entry in. Does anyone else find it way too much fun to work with short source songs?
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