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    River City Girls

    Turns out the OST was by up-and-comer Megan McDuffee! She just announced the list of links where to OST can be found: https://ffm.to/rivercitygirlsost (A few other familiar names appear farther down the tracklist too, interestingly enough.) She also has some pretty cool stuff on her Bandcamp - https://meganmcduffee.bandcamp.com. (The Hostile Takeover soundtrack is quite nice, great replay value.)
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    The Far Side Returns?

    Interesting... https://www.thefarside.com/
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    Hello all. I just released my new Goa Trance album, Flight To Europa with my new project A Flying Dryad. This means that Reunion is back and open for submissions, but I don't know how active we will be. Our hiatus lasted almost 6 years so most artists who contributed before have probably moved on by now. I made the album using Renoise Tracker, so it's NOT like the stuff you're used to hearing from me. I've spent most of this year working on the album so it would be cool if you would check it out. If you're interested in Goa/Psy that is. Album can be streamed on youtube or downloaded from bandcamp (name your price). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJvmJRLb_cI https://aflyingdryad.bandcamp.com/releases http://platonistmusic.com/reunion cheers Jonas
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    As a fellow user and a fan of your OCRs, I *need* to check out what you are doing with Renoise
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    Ok so here is my take on this. I'm speaking this from my view, yours might be different. I don't want to influence your choice, i just want to help a man, with Source Block (Writer's Block but in the context of PRC. What? It's a thing, i'm trying my best lol). Anyways. File Select does not appear on the soundtrack, so that's ruled out. These are the ones that are too short to be useful: Mystic Invasion (Still a good tune though) The Little Sprite (I find this a little silly, not that it's bad) I Closed my Eyes (It's 30 seconds tops, with only really 10 seconds of material, before it's looped. Same can be said for most of the ones on this category) It Happened Late One Evening (This reminds me of a child's cartoon. No bass either) I Closed My Eyes is only 30 seconds, and this of course, is with looping. Most of what I've heard on the ones I've mentioned so far (The short ones), is a little on the repetitive side, so it's going to be hard to remix. My personal favourites on the list, that i like, and probably recommend: The Oracle (A kickass rave like tune, something for the nightclub) Meridian Dance (It has a lot of nicely balanced tonal and rhythmical elements, that sort of suit your style) Did you See the Ocean (I really love the melody here....like really really) A Conclusion (Despite it being one sound, the melody and chords are really great) These aren't too short, and they have a lot of interesting ideas, plus they're easy to remix. A Conclusion is a little on the short side, but i really like this one so... These ones, are lengthy enough, but have nothing useful to give, musically and sonically (In this case, only serves for atmosphere): Ceremony (I find this one too silly) The Curse (I feel it's more Sound Effects, than Music, like a short looped soundscape) And the ones, that sound good, but might be hard to remix: Monarch on the Shore (A lot of triplet usage here, not sure about that) Morning is Here (A bit too repetitive, which might make it a challenge) Steel and Snare (The kick, sounds crazy here) In the Dead of the Night (A bit on the short side, and relies on constrained melodic ideas) Prophecy (This one is wacky with the time signatures) These ones are also good, but i find them a bit on the boring side: Secret of the Arid Sands (I find this a bit too...er...minimal. Needs more) Calm Before the Storm (I find it a little short and repetitive) These tracks, are really good, but they don't differentiate from each other, in terms of style and genre: Fear of the Heavens (Strings and Bass. Pretty much. Chords are great though) Now Flightless Wings (This one is especially good, another favourite, but it's lacking instrumentation in the second half) The Wind Never Ceases (Again sounds good, but i think it's another short one) Eternal Recurrence (Very similar to the others, in terms of style and genre, of course different, in melody) This is what i take on it. You might think differently. Let me know, what your thoughts are, this might be a bit too much for you lol.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, TVG. I don't think I'll choose that one but at least it got me off my butt. It's actually not too bad to look at a game soundtrack here on OCR and see which tracks already have remixes after all. For reference, the tracks in Secret of Mana that would be eligible for PRC right now are: a conclusion calm before the storm ceremony file select did you see the ocean eternal recurrence i closed my eyes in the dead of night it happened late one evening meridian dance monarch on the shore morning is here mystic invasion now flightless wings prophecy secret of the arid sands steel and snare the curse the little sprite the oracle the wind never ceases Maybe I'll choose one of them
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    No problem. I want it before the next round ends, so you have 10 days.
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    And... The vision of the site has always been to have a big enough tent for both; we could have fewer headaches, and probably more followers, if we stuck to popular games, or genres, or gave flagrantly disproportionate emphasis to either, but then I'd have to punch myself in the head every day and die w/ regrets, etc.
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    I have read the comments on the youtube, and one comment really stuck out to me that I think explains why it is so divisive, mainly relating to the philosophy of creating new arrangements of video game music. The comment, let me find it: So this is probably the largest difference in the way I process game music vs how I think others do, mainly in the general public who do not produce music actively (casual listeners). This isn't a right vs. wrong issue, this is really more of a perception and philosophy difference/disagreement. This is healthy and should happen in any community that isn't toxic. For the most part, game music for me is divorced from the game it comes from. I have been told on some of my previous work (back before I had an internet presence) that "this doesn't sound like a battle theme" or similar comments. At one point I did a stripper tempo swing version of Megalovania from Undertale. It went really slow, just to play up the sleaze. For the most part, it was *destroyed* by people who heard it, almost like I committed blasphemy. OCR is full of creative arrangements, but the whole line is accessibility. For the most part, if you did a calm, ending theme as an upbeat 80s synthwave track, nobody would really complain about it because they can relate to the style. Something much more classically oriented that's out of left field like this doesn't really give much to relate to (unless you listen to a lot of music in this style). It is kind of like listening to some avant-garde jazz and not enjoying it because you don't really listen to a lot of it and don't really "get" its nuance (I am like this with most of the more distant subgenres of metal, for example). When I do arrangements of game music, almost always I'm trying to do one of two things, and you can hear this from the things posted on this site. 1. Have some fun with a tune I really enjoy or remember fondly, combined with writing some fun stuff to play (Cazador, Journey Never Ends, unrelated but everything I do for Materia Collective falls under this category). This usually ends up being very relatable for most people. 2. Experiment and really push myself in something I'm not familiar with, or explore a style of music I enjoy (Protoman, Reflecting Pool, As Blew the Winds). These are mainly used to develop my skills, and I really don't give much consideration to the audience or making it an way that it means anything outside of itself. This is where the disagreement lies. So in the most sincere way possible, I REALLY don't care that the Mario fanbase wouldn't listen to this and be reminded of Mario. That wasn't the point. That wasn't even close to the point.
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    Lufia: Of Gods and Men

    It's slightly held up at a choke point - namely me. I had the tracks spread across two computers, so it was giving me grief. That should be resolved now, so the review should be happening quite soon. Your track passed the panel, by the way, so there will be no problem with it passing the album review. Nice work on that one, by the way - it was a great little track!
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    Hey everyone, new video! This is an arrangement of "Gourmet Race" from Kirby Super Star. I had the idea of arranging this piece in a Russian Folk song format, after listening to Korobeiniki, the main theme for Tetris played by the Red Army Choir, and also hearing it played in a number of guises at MagFest, I got the feeling that the music in Gourmet Race would really be very suitable for that kind of music. I gave it a go, and was very pleased with the resulting piece
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    Forum username change requests

    I would like to change my forum and artist name to Pavos please!
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    OC ReMix presents Songs of the Sirens: Link's Awakening ReMixed! September 20, 2019 Contact: press@ocremix.org FAIRFAX, VA... Celebrating today's highly anticipated re-release of Link's Awakening on the Nintendo Switch, OverClocked ReMix today released its 71st free community arrangement album, Songs of the Sirens: Link's Awakening ReMixed. Featuring 14 tracks from 14 artists, Songs of the Sirens pays tribute to Nintendo's 1993 handheld classic The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, and is co-directed by OC ReMix veterans William "WillRock" Harby & Emery "DaMonz" Monzerol. The album is available for free download at http://sirens.ocremix.org. Songs of the Sirens pulls together a talented roster of musicians honoring this legendary soundtrack in a variety of styles, including EDM, orchestral, jazz, prog rock, and more. Songs of the Sirens was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nintendo; all games, characters, images, and original compositions are copyright their respective owners. "Right after we finished Mirror Image, we already half-jokingly talked about making another Zelda album at some point," recalled directors Harby and Monzerol. The duo were motivated by Nintendo announcing their next-gen revival of the exemplary Game Boy best-seller. "As soon as the Link's Awakening remaster for the Nintendo Switch was announced, we realised now was the perfect time to do the album," Harby and Monzerol added. The album's artwork -- depicting a stone carving of Koholint Island's mysterious Owl and Wind Fish characters -- was designed by Canadian artist Roxanne Chartrand. Songs of the Sirens marks OC ReMix's fourth Legend of Zelda series album, following 2017's Mirror Image tributing A Link to the Past, 2011's 25YEARLEGEND commemorating the franchise's 25th anniversary, and 2010's Threshold of a Dream previously honoring Link's Awakening. "Link's Awakening is very special to us, and we wanted to show the depth of our appreciation of the game and its music by releasing an arrangement album simultaneously with the remaster," explained co-directors Harby and Monzerol. "This album was very much a labour of love, and we hope that translates to the finished product!" About OverClocked ReMix Founded in 1999, OverClocked ReMix is an organization dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Its primary focus is ocremix.org, a website featuring thousands of free fan arrangements, information on game music and composers, resources for aspiring artists, and a thriving community of video game music fans. OC ReMix operates under the umbrella and sponsorship of Game Music Initiative, Inc, a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization (EIN: 81-4140676). ### Preview it: http://youtu.be/kqVjfCTeclU Download Songs of the Sirens: http://sirens.ocremix.org Torrent: http://bt.ocremix.org/torrents/Songs_of_the_Sirens_-_Link's_Awakening_ReMixed.torrent Comments/Reviews: http://ocremix.org/community/topic/48696/
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    they sure used to! i don't know as much about more recently. the trailer looks very interesting. i'm definitely interested in the game to the point of being willing to buy the console if it doesn't go cross-platform (at least eventually, likely not right away).
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    Always enjoy me some tracker music. Listening while I work. Climbing the Tree of Life is my fav so far, but haven't finished yet. (Btw you'll probably want to remove the "s" in "https" from the link to your website above (or just install a security certificate), clicking it gives an error.)
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    Hi, Here is a piano arrangement of "Airship" and "Legend of the Deep Forest" (final fantasy 5) https://soundcloud.com/bluelighter0085/final-fantasy-5-flight-over-the-enchanted-forest In its original version, "Airship" was in a heroic mood. I've tried to play it in a different way. After that, it was natural to marry with the forest theme. Enjoy
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    Hi there everybody! I completed a new arrangement, entitled "The Marine Waltz". This is an arrangement for a full orchestra; a Waltz based on two themes: The Underwater music from Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario World. It's modelled on the Waltzes of Strauss and Tchaikovsky. I've have had plans on writing this piece for some years, as the melodies make fantastic material for a Waltz - the bouncy rhythms lend themselves to powerful and vivid orchestration. In this arrangement, I intended to evoke the atmosphere of a 19th Century Dance Hall. After a slow introduction, based on the opening line of the SMW Underwater theme, the theme is then played through in its entirety, first in the Woodwinds, then in the Strings, as the Brass provides the rhythm, before building up to the end of the section where the music modulates from F major to C major. The SMB Underwater theme is brought in, being played through three times in ever increasing thickness of orchestration, before the music comes to a radiant conclusion using a segment of the SMB Underwater theme in a Tchaikovsky-esque Coda.
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    O sweet, a Truxton round.
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    Thanks very much! Regarding the part where you were thrown off (drums at the start of Kraid's Lair), do you reckon something like this would be better handled by having the woodwinds playing the rhythm come in stronger first, before the drums? When I spend a while working on a piece like this, I tend to become 'deaf' to issues like this sometimes, so feel free to expand on what you reckon the problem is, it really helps! Thanks for listening and commenting!
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    Wow. I’ve only managed to listen to half of the tracks so far, but when I listen to the rest I’ll definitely be comparing notes.
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    Yeah, the source was too reliant on atmosphere, so that's all i could really do, in terms of MnP. Thanks for your comments anyways!
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    OCRA-0069 - Arcadia Legends

    This project is absolutely fantastic! There is a tragedy about it though. Album 4, the WIPs, has so many fabulous tunes, but AFAIK is only available via the download. Joe Jonker’s “Ramirez’s Theme WIP” is possibly my favorite track on the whole project; it’s like Lena Raine meets Trap Beats. Anyway, I know these are not the intended focus of the project, but they’re all so good!
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    Oh, I think I can top you in annoyingness AND difficulty to deal with, mah boi. I just recently had a meltdown in one of the private chats for a current project, I will say no more beyond that. One of about 2 dozen ,maybe, in why whole time at OCR?? I can't handle stress for shiiiit. Maybe that's why I prefer the lax atmosphere in this corner of the woods. On to relevant stuff...I should've at least phoned an entry in. Ah well. I like the discreet additions you put in [Nebulous Funk] to switch things up. Production quality is OK. I appreciate the generous amount of reverb too, (edit) I love going full-ham on the reverb lmao. edit2 Sorry turnout wasn't optimal @Rejwan. Hopefully your next pick will see more attention.
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    Source, thal shall be-eth up soon oh great one.. I can be a handful lol
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    Shame.. oh well I did say SoR 4 is around the corner...hehehehe Thanks anyways.
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    Well done to you and the Materia Collective. Always felt that this piece needed more love. Your additions fit in smoothly and keep your stated intent. The arrangement is comfortingly similar to the original, which only magnifies the alterations and innovations. Nice work!
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    WAV/FLAC OC ReMixes request!

    Lesson would be to save WAV backups AND project backups. At least if the project files are borked, you have a lossless version laying around. Regarding what Audity posted, I have lots of WAVs and we'll do something with them later, but it's duly noted.
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    I'm thinking of The Oracle. What do you think about that? It's not been remixed so, and you did say you needed help.
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    River City Girls

    So looks we have another River City game coming out...
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    Sorry, I haven’t had time to select a source for the next round yet. It’s hard to find a good one to do for this competition. I wanted to select something from Secret of Mana. Could I get an extension on selecting the source, and could anyone help me find one from Secret of Mana that hasn’t been done yet?
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    3 day extension you mad lads. I better get off my ass and make something.
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    The Far Side Returns?

    Sure it does.
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    The drills actually made me feel like I was actually in a factory, and if you hadn't pointed out the wine glasses, I would have attributed it to almost sound like metal clinking in the background to simulate a factory, or factory sounds! very interesting theme, calming yet trippy and enjoyable bravo! much loved!
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    Books on music production/mixing

    I want to get some books on music production/mixing for our teen section of the library. Any suggestions? Even if they're not aimed at teens, they'll be good to add and have on hand.
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    Noticed your signature and checked a track out in SoundCloud, very cool work!
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    Oh boy, I remember this! Sir Nuts linked me to the decision thread not long after I got added to the Judges and asked which way I'd vote on it. Here's what I thought: once the melody started at 0:21, the source clicked for me there and then. The harmonies and effects contributed actively towards subtractive arranging, which is heard as the main arrangement attraction. The horn performances and manipulations were spot on, added to that textural thickness and are all cleanly placed out in the mix. And do you know what else this track brought to mind? It reminds me of the Tortoise section of Camille Saint-Saens's Carnival of the Animals suite. Saint-Saens used the main melodic riff of Offenbach's "Galop Infernal" (otherwise known as the Can-Can) and slowed it down by 2.5x, while here the source is brought down to 4x its speed. This arrangement is a more extreme case, but at the end of the day, the BGM is dominant and has an interpretation approach seldom seen around the VGM scene, period. If I were on the panel at the time, I would've been in the Yes camp. Nevertheless, you did boldly, and I hold mad respect to the result that popped out. The original Super Mario Bros has tunes covered a vast number of times, but this is a sign that proves there's still room to make something unique out of it. Nice work!
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    So... Mak has joined the project with a really rad Renegade take on Firebrands theme from Gargoyles Quest!
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    Mak Eightman

    Industrial dance metal?

    Hi. Have no idea what I made.. Any thoughts?
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    Thanks man. What you say makes a lot of sense, and I don't really even think of that as being selfish. If I had wanted to create variations on the themes from this song, then that's how it would've gone in the first place. I'll probably pass on submitting this one, since it likely doesn't align well enough with OCR's mission. Agreed, but I guess that with the landscape being what it is, some stuff will just have to live outside the OCR sphere. Kinda makes me miss vgmix...
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    This is so lame. Who would do something like this, and for so many years?
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    Industrial dance metal?

    On the Rammstein--y side of things but with more energy. i'm digging it. this making it onto your next EP/Album? :]
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    How about: So what I'm going to do is slap Christian lyrics on the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack and BOOM! Untouchable My church will be praising to the tune of Aquatic Ambience. I'm pretty sure the old Reformers used popular tunes for their hymns as well. Just kidding... I'll have to look further into those pre-existing exceptions. I recall reading that new exceptions are not allowed to be made by individual EU countries. Or at least it will involve a long and tedious legal road before changes will happen. I assume any copyright cases are handled on the basis of the laws of the land in which the violation takes place? Say OCR was to host a mix both in the EU and in the US and an angry copyright holder comes after you. The US side would not fall under the Article 17 that you mentioned. But the EU side would? And going by the Fair Use scheme, I guess Nintendo USA would have to phone up Nintendo Europe to come after me? One thing that is reassuring is what people have said about the industry generally supporting the remixing efforts. I don't intend to make money off of mixing and am basically in it for the same reason most of you guys are: love for the music of our favorite games and nostalgia. To pay that tribute. And ideally, an unhappy copyright holder is going to ask you kindly not to distribute your mixes, rather than sue you for all you're worth, without warning.
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    Well to get started, you may look into the US legal system's definitions of "Fair Use", which allows for the use of material if it's used for educational purposes, parody, or sufficiently transformative, AND if there is no profit involved in redistributing the material. It's not a bulletproof, anything-goes silver bullet for all things remixing, but it is often the justification used for the distribution of rearranged music on OCR. If you have questions about the whole process, the basic wiki for fair use (and it's links) are a fair place to start, as well as looking at OCR's FAQ section and our content policy section (OCR has a lot of experience dealing with this very issue!). Again, there is no silver bullet, and honestly things are resolved on a case-by-case basis, but in general that's the blanket justification for arranging VG music, which most companies understand and silently comply with. As far as the asshat who is stealing YOUR music, there is no fair use justification for stealing your material and claiming it as their own. You made it, you have a defacto copyright on the material, so if you want to go through the effort you could get Soundcloud to remove it. Up to you, but yeah, that guy has no right to take your music as-is and simply claim it's his.
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    Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma

    So Terranigma is one of my very favourite RPGs and one that I have played to DEATH. @Odai asked if I was interested and it took me all of two minutes to say "hell yes!" I'm going to attempt to do a chunky metal version of the Tower of Trial theme because I love those first few dungeons, they're super mysterious and don't give you any hints as to how big the world is about to get!
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    PRC397 - The Last Hope (Truxton)

    aaand I missed an opportunity to inject a free win. And it was a short tune. And I feel sad. x-x
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    PRC397 - The Last Hope (Truxton)

    Can you leave a download link from Youtube !?
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    Well, time sure goes by. Wasn't feeling overly inspired, alas. So, TVG, you win the round. PM me your pick for round 106
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    Wait so a group effort? That would be interesting