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    My name is Carlo Castellano, I am a musician, composer and sound designer. I graduated at Berklee College of Music in the course "Introduction to Game Audio". I also graduated in "Audiovisual Composition" and I am graduating in classical piano at the Music Conservatory of Naples. I am a professional session keyboard player (piano, organ and synthesizers) with both studio and live experience. As a composer and sound designer I work on short films, documentaries and video games.
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  1. finished Monkey Island - LeChuck's Theme

    Thank you for your replies. Yes maybe I should have used "cover" instead of "arrangement" listening to the originals Next time I'll do something different I think! Thanks
  2. Hi all, I would like to share this Monkey Island LeChuck's Theme arrangement I made. I've read the guidelines about YouTube but this is a VideoSong. You can watch it in HD with audio codec AAC-320kbps. Watch on or VimeoAnyway, if you prefer an mp3 you can download it here: http://cl.ly/2zMV Hope you like it, any tips would be very useful for next videos. Thank you.