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Selben Coirlo

finished Up to the Sun

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I've been working on developing an independent game project, and been deep into coding the guts of it before developing any visual assets. In the meanwhile, I've been keeping my enthusiasm up by writing bits of soundtrack for the parts of the game which I've got planned out. I've got 5 or 6 tracks written for it now, so I guess at least musically the project is well on track.

Anyhoo. I've spent more time on this track than possibly any other I've done. A lot of false starts and careful changes before I finally got it to where I liked it. At this point I've completely lost perspective, but probably the mere fact that I've managed to work on it for so long without coming to hate it is a good sign.

Up to the Sun

A great cathedral towering up to the sky; at the summit, a fool with that believes himself a deity.

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