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Hello, I am new to the community, but I've been a fan for a long time!

I imagine that there's lots of engineering involved in producing and composing video game music and soundtracks, but how about vocals? Would anyone happen to know the names and specs of any great microphones used in recording studios, podcasts, or the like? I'm talking about the brands like Blue, Samson, or others that would be used in video game commentary, voice acting, etc.

I'm curious to know. Thank you!

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I have the Blue Yeti Pro, and it's the one I personally recommend if you have the money, or the Yeti if your budget isn't quite as large. My friend has a Snowball, and that one's pretty good too, though not as good as the Yeti or Yeti Pro. Although, if you go for the Pro, you would want to have other recording equipment such as a portable sound booth or something like that. I'm not too experienced with other companies when it comes to microphones, but I know reviews on YouTube were a lot of help for me.

One video in particular that helped me:

As for specs, I would look on the manufacturers' websites on any microphones in particular that you are looking at.

Hope this was helpful!

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