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Hi everybody
Before the beginning, I wish for everyone a Happy New Years 2012. I'm a new registered. I say to you immediatly, I don't know how to make music. I'm a lyrics-writer.

I'm here to make you proposal concerning an arrangement album from the game "Sonic the Fighter". Among the tracks to remix, there is « Are you brave » and « Fairy of A.I.F » from Sonic Gem Collection.

I chose this game because I love Sonic and I think this one worth an arrangement album by you, guys. I trust you and I hope you will be interested.

Here the book

Before the beginning (ADVERTISE ~ K.I.Y.O.)
The fighters are into the wave (Character Select ~ Get Into the Wave / Character Select ~ Bonus)
We are ready ! We are brave ! (Game Start ~ Are You Ready / Are you brave)
Fight for a cause we love (South Island ~ Lovers" Knuckles Theme)
In the headwind (Sonic vs Knuckles ~ North Wind)
A dream with Amy's old version (Flying Carpet ~ Back to Soul" Amy's Theme)
Long time no see, Bark ! (Aurora Icefield ~ Black Bed" Bark's Theme)
Ice fairytale (Fairy of A.I.F)
Why just you Mr. Sonic ? Come on everybody ! (Mushroom Hill ~ Come On Mr. Sonic" Espio's Theme)
Cruise and waterfalls with my best friend (Canyon Cruise ~ Blue Garden" Tails Theme)
You will not go anywhere ! (Casino Night ~ Here We Go" Nack/Fang's Theme)
Bombs are waiting for us (Dynamite Plant ~ Try Again" Bean's Theme)
We think, so we fly (Giant Wing ~ Fire Stone" Sonic's Theme)
You think I'll let you go somewhere ? (Death Egg ~ Never Let It Go" Metal Sonic's Theme)
Slowly guys... (Death Egg's Hangar ~ Hurry Up" Dr. Robotnik/Eggman's Theme)
Our last hope (Super Sonic ~ Everything)
We are the winner, of course... (You're A Winner ~ Winner's Fanfare / Misson Complete ~ Egg Fanfare /Chaos Emerald ~ Emerald )
Hey ! You forget to give me your name ! (Name Entry ~ What's Your Name)
Here we go ! Bring me as far as possible ! (Ending Theme ~ Take Me Away)
What ! Game Over..., but why ? (Continue / Game over)
Come on with us, let's have fun ! (Sunset Town ~ Bonus Track)

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