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Muv Luv Alternative OST - Fate ... and more

I present my top 10 game musics I most want to see remixed.

1. Muv Luv Alternative OST - Fate Sheetmusic (Transcription done by Dimeman)

2. Ever 17 OST: Der Mond Das Meer

3. Battlefield 1942 main theme

4. Rad Racer - Song 3

5. Ever 17 OST: Gedaechtnisschwund

6. Mega Man 6: Boss Battle

7. Max Payne OST: Max Payne Theme

8. Super Mario Bros. 3 World 6/Ice World

9. Super Mario Galaxy OST: Battlerock Galaxy

10. Muv Luv - Creeping Anxiety

As far as genre goes, please take some liberty here. If i had to choose, probably techno, Trance, DnB, or Dubstep.
-JasAce5 :D

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