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Team DUST countdown is live, GET IN HERE!

Hey everyone,

In 20 minutes we are doing a LIVE countdown to celebrate the end of the DUST fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. We have raised $98,000 and counting, and with just one hour left, most of Team Dust is already here for the party. For everyone who helped out by voting and even backing the project, and to ocremix for blasting us out in an update, I want to give you guys one last heartfelt thanks. Team Dust is very much like a family to me, and the support shown to me by complete strangers here on ocremix has been a huge encouragement. Feel free to drop in and give us a shout. The cast & crew is doing a short Q&A right before the countdown.

>>>>>>OCREMIX, GET IN HERE!!!<<<<<<<<

Wild Arms / DK3 / Link's Awakening / SD3

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