ReMix: Perfection. 'Free Fall'

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Perfection. Original SoundtrackPerfection.

We're proud to release our SIXTH original soundtrack, this time featuring the multiplatform puzzle game Perfection., with music by Omni-Psyence (Cory Richards)!!

As before, we're hosting a torrent of the game's music & making it available alongside previous original soundtracks from Abadoss (Trenches), ktriton (Missile Master), Mattias (Kaleidoscope) and others! AND as before, we've got a ReMix to go along with it, although in this case it's by the composer himself, with some assistance:

Omni-Psyence: "This remix is something I wanted to do ever since I first started on the soundtrack for Perfection. I'm already a huge fan of chillout/psybient music with acoustic instrumentation, and I've been listening to a lot of that lately, so it was just natural for me to take this approach. Tera's violin and vocal additions to this track definitely imbue a strong and soulful spirit to this work."

TeraCMusic: "The melody for this mix was inspired by the works of Lindsey Stirling, but was made with a unique twist. The vocals near the end help create a fuller, richer sound, while the harmonies blend together to establish an unforgettable theme."

Beautiful violin really adds a lot of emotion & character to this piece, with guitar strums & vocals also humanizing the arrangement. Percolating synths and mellow beats are all quite chill, but there's also a lot of substance & development that keep things interesting; it's hypnotizing, but not repetitive, and some of the tonal modulations and glitching FX are quite creative. This ReMix basically capitalizes on the strengths of the source, but adds a percussive backbone, Tera's lovely violin & vocals, and additional accompaniment to convert the relatively minimalistic soundscape of the original into something with more structure & development. You can grab the game for iOS, Android, and also PC, Mac, & Linux via its website to see how well Cory's compositions jive with the straightforward, transcendental gameplay!


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on 2013-06-15 10:32:31
Oh, man, that violin sounds gorgeous. Whole thing really fits the relaxing thinking atmosphere a puzzle game needs. The modulations and glitchy beats kept things fresh and fun to listen to, and I dig the vocals as well. Beautiful ReMix you have here fellas.
on 2013-06-11 18:44:44
Very nice, I definitely catch the Lindsey Sterling vibe, I would almost have believed it was one of hers, if it werent for the fact that the violin doesnt kick in for over a minute, and Im not sure she ever glitches her own playing. Beautifully done.
on 2013-06-11 15:41:58
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