ReMix: Pokémon Silver Version "Seeing Red"

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Pokémon Silver Version

Our second POKEMIX of the day comes in the form of a blistering & brutally intense metal ReMix of Gold/Silver from Cyril the Wolf (Connor Pelkey) that also incorporates some chippish elements:

"The most epic Pokémon battle theme. This is the fastest song I've ever recorded. I've literally thought about doing a metal remix of this tune for a looong time... I wanted something straightforward and clean, but matching the imagined intensity I felt was in the original.

I couldn't help myself by using the synths for the leads to help differentiate the melody and chaos from the equally chaotic, chromatic guitar solo. I wanted to push the limits for how clean I could make chugging guitars at this tempo. I really am not sure I can play faster at this point in time on either rhythms or leads. The variation is definitely slight in terms of the second repeat of the main melody, mostly in how I present the guitars."

Dayum son, you're gonna hurt yourself! :) This is definitely some speedy business, but it stays clean, discernible, and musical throughout - quite the rollercoaster ride, and a good companion mix to PirateCrab's "The Metal Side of Lance." Judges had some issues on the interplay between the simple pulse lead & guitars, but ultimately the pure adrenaline & inertia persuaded all; Sir_NutS writes:

"Regarding the arrangement: Who would've thought this song works as a thrash arrangement? I wouldn't. But it does, and it does very well! The source even parallels some of the genre's tropes, which helps diminishing the issue I had with the pulse lead/instrumentation pairing.

High energy stuff, excellent performance."

Nuff said; Connor's GOTTA GO FAST (whoops, wrong game) and he makes the breakneck metal adaptation work rather well; good stuff!


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on 2017-02-28 12:36:16

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