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1943: The Battle of Midway
NES, 1988
'"Raid and Pacific Attack" Title Screen Song'
'Assault on Surface Forces B'
'Level 1'
'Level 1 - Pre-Boss'
'Level 3'
'Mission Failure'
'Mission Success'
'Second Boss'
'Surface Boss'
'Third Boss'
SNES, 1991 - Yuzo Koshiro
'Aitos~Temple' アイトス~テンプル
'Birth of Humans' Birth of the People 人々の誕生 2
'Bloodpool~Casandora' ブラッドプール~カサンドラ
'Demon Beast Appears' 魔獣現わる
'Descent' 降臨
'Ending' エンディング
'Fillmore' フィルモア 2
'Northwall' ノースウォール 1
'Offering' Sacrifices, Casandora Town 捧げ物
'Opening' オープニング
'Peaceful World' 平和な世界
'Pyramid~Marana' Underworld ピラミッド~マラーナ
'Round Clear' ラウンドクリア
'Satan' サタン
'Silence' 静寂
'Sky Castle' Sky Palace, Sky Palast 天空城
'Strong Enemy' Powerful Enemy, Kyouteki 強敵
'World Tree' All over the World 世界樹
Adventure Island
NES, 1986 - June Chikuma
'Big Boss' Quiller
'Big Boss Destroyed' Quiller Destroyed
'Black Forest' Dark Forest
'Congratulations!' You Have Saved Your Lovely Lisa
'Evil Cave' Underworld
'Game Over'
'Honeygirl' Honey Girl, Fairy
'Island to Island' Beach
'Losing All Energy' 1
'Remote Forest' Area 1: Round 1
'Stone Island' Area 4: Round 2
Adventures of Lolo 3
NES, 1990 - Hideki Kanazashi
'Final Battle'
'Level' Main Level Music
'Overworld' 1
After Burner III
SCD, 1992
'After Burner' 1
Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
WIN, 1998 - David Rippy, Stephen Rippy
'Main Theme'
'Tango Alpha Bravo' 1
Akumajo Dracula
X68K, 1993 - Hiroshi Kobayashi (I), Keizo Nakamura, Shin Chan
'Etude for the Killer' 1
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
SMS, 1986 - Tokuhiko Uwabo
'Alex Kidd (Main Theme)' Level アレックスキッド(メインテーマ) 2
songs 1 to 50 of 11864
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