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    • I just tried out Serum again and it is a lot of fun i must say... but the CPU hit seems ridiculous. I played a major chord and my CPU was at 50% with 16 voices on both oscillators. Play two in a row and i'm maxing out with stuttering and popping. I loaded U-He Hive and applied 16 voices to both oscillators and couldn't get the CPU past 30% even when i was repeatedly playing the chord as fast as i could. I don't understand how anybody can use Serum after seeing this. Maybe it's something to do with Studio One 3, i've heard it's a bit more of a CPU intensive DAW but i have my 8 core activated for multi-processing, so i don't understand why it isn't managing to easily play a single synth patch between that many cores... Edit: I thought maybe 16 voices on both oscilators was excessive so i tried a reasonable patch. Two osc each with 5 voices, velocity modulating the filter cutoff and an LFO modulating the wavetable position. Still destroying my CPU. I LOVE how intuitive this synth is, it's easily the best synth i've ever come across, but there's no way i can work with it if it's like this.
    • Fun facts: Netflix is producing an original miniseries based on Castlevania III. We currently have claims (and one WIP) for three of the four protagonists of Castlevania III: Trevor, Grant, and Alucard. The one hero from the game we don't have a claim for is Sypha Belmades. Sypha's theme is "Mad Woods." I still don't have someone to do a tribute to gamer/wrestler Xavier Woods. Xavier Woods has several very different theme songs, which include rap, funk, and dubstep.  One of the few to have a purely electronic theme song. Surely someone can step up to this obvious challenge?
    • Deviation for the sake of deviation usually don't make it better. I find that the best approach is to deviate early, on a structural level, where you can then add elements verbatim without it feeling too similar to source. Typically I create a groove that I can stick some source element onto, build the track on top of that. Maybe it's a percussion and bass groove. Maybe it's a synth arp. maybe it's a staccato strings loop. And then I see how well different parts of the source will fit onto that. The opposite approach is when you first make a cover, and then try to force the arrangement and melodies to be different. It usually doesn't work. Besides, when it comes to ocr, people will have different ideas of what's too close to source. Maybe the panel will be perfectly fine with a conservative intro and deviations later in the arrangement. I'm inclined to think that's the case with this remix at least. Good luck when you sub it.
    • Thanks! I'll fix the dynamic range issues (I didn't realize how high I had my system volume cranked) to get things up to a decent volume, and I am going to swap in a flute part at the beginning; it's already been done, in fact. I also added a little more attack time to the string parts and fiddled with the modwheel/expression parameters in an attempt to get a slightly more realistic tone. I was also concerned about keeping too close to the source; I could add more ornamentation, or try to come up with a countermelodic line, or a bridge or something, I suppose. Arrangements of existing works are hard for me to deviate from because I tend to know them so well, and my mind just refuses to deviate from them that much. x_x If I have to though, I think I could probably do it. Still trying to come up with a better name for the thing, too. Here's the version I plan on submitting...  
    • Welcome to ocr. This is a good place to learn. For starters, I recommend you put the name of the game in the title, certainly in the post somewhere. And use ready for review when you think your remix is ready to be submitted to the judges' panel, but want someone to check first. eval I recognize stuff from source. As there is no source link (which you're supposed to provide when you mark a track ready), I won't comment further on that. No source link, no source comment. The intro sounds okay. At 0:14 there's a terribly loud monosynth (with a terrible pitch bend at one point). It no longer sounds okay. The organ provides a thick carpet underneathy the rest of the mix. You definitely want some of that to keep the sound from becoming too sparse. But it's a bit too thick. Consider EQ-ing away some of its lows or low mids, and being careful with how many notes you let it play at once. Using a multiband compressor on it is another way to keep it under control. The organ and the drums don't seem to have much interplay. Not a big deal when the organ is just playing chords, but it's all the more important that they share a groove during the solo. There are several instances of parts not understanding where they are in the rhythm of the track, the worst at 3:08 where the whole isntrumentation seems two beats off from the drums. At 2:36, another terribly loud synth plays, this one a poor fit for the overall sound. I can understand the monosynth sound from earlier, it fits a kind of retro band aesthetic, but this one simply doesn't work. Why not use something similar to the monosynth (at a more reasonable level) for this part? The performance overall is very sloppy. As it was arranged and recorded in just 3 hours, I can understand where some of these problems come from. I recommend you spend more than 3 hours on a remix. For a 3 hour project, I'm actually a bit impressed. But as for the eval, it's a no. This is just too sloppy. There are some interesting ideas in here, but you clearly need more than 3 hours to bring those out. Post more music, get more feedback, spend more time on your remixes. Welcome to ocr.
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