Album: Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate

A free arrange album, published by OverClocked ReMix on 2008-01-05

Featuring the music of...

Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki

Game: Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki

  • Catalog Number: OCRA-0010
  • Published: 2008-01-05 by OverClocked ReMix
  • Media: Digital Release (1 discs, 15 tracks)


Disc 1

1. Days of Summer V2 (Days of Summer) 4:46
2. Thieves of Fate (Days of Summer) 6:50
3. Fury and Tears (Gale) 4:51
4. Starbright (Under the Moonlight) 2:55
5. Loneliness (Strange Presentiment) 5:38
6. Sexy Boy (Strange Presentiment) 4:01
7. Thrash's Snakebone Pit (Snakebone Mansion) 4:30
8. Scar-Sealing Girl (The Girl Who Stole the Star) 6:21
9. Running After You (Distant Promise) 5:00
10. Requeim for Another World (Requiem) 4:47
11. Fuego Frio (Frozen Flame) 2:52
12. Hallucinogenic (Facing) 3:54
13. Confronto Finale (Final Confrontation) 5:56
14. Summer's Dream (Epilogue) 7:41
15. Le Tresor Interdit (Ending) 3:58

Disc 2

1. Bipolar Popsicle WIP (Frozen Flame) 1:47
2. Cold as Hell WIP (Frozen Flame) 5:09

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Clem Fandango
on 2020-05-28 16:56:18

Listening to this album compared to most others on OCR gives me a different feeling because I've got no emotional attachment to this game. It was always that distant thing that I knew from the Internet was Chrono-adjacent but there was not really an easy way to play it back then. As a piece of OCR history it's interesting to hear what some folks who are still cranking out great tunes were doing back then - there are a bunch of names who put out bangers in either Chronopolis or the Chrono Trigger jazz album, and that's if I'm only talking Chrono stuff.

My absolute favorite bit in here, and one of my favorite stretches of music I've ever listened to on OCR, is starting about 1:53 on 08 - The Scar Sealing Girl, when all the other sounds peel away except for the piano, then at 2:20 it gives off a strong aura of the opening bars of "Let It Be," lingers on that just long enough to give a fuzzy feeling, and then the track moves on. Puts a smile on my face every time.

on 2012-01-09 15:15:56

There's (at least) two crazy awesome tracks on this album: Starbright and Fuego Frio. Both have this similar warm, acoustic sound, both are beautifully yearning and both are endlessly enjoyable. Thank you prophetik and Abadoss for them!


on 2011-03-13 18:30:42
i think we all want to revisit it ;)

I remember hearing from DragonAvenger that you're the original singer. Would be cool if you did backing vocals or interchanged certain verses with Prophet should you guys ever get back to remastering it. You've got a pretty cool voice...remember first hearing it from a DoD track (a remix of Sakura's theme, was it?).

prophetik music
on 2011-03-13 18:11:46

and we do every magfest!

on 2011-03-12 02:03:12
i never officially submitted it because i recognized that while it's a great concept, it's poorly mastered and has a bunch of mistakes in it. i've wanted to revisit it for a long time, but can't decide just how about to go about it =)

i think we all want to revisit it ;)

prophetik music
on 2011-03-11 23:10:28

i never officially submitted it because i recognized that while it's a great concept, it's poorly mastered and has a bunch of mistakes in it. i've wanted to revisit it for a long time, but can't decide just how about to go about it =)

on 2011-03-10 19:10:46

Man...never played Radical Dreamers nor I'm familiar with its music. This project has so much soul it just turned me into an instant fan. I still have the Thieves of Fate track in the loop. Listening to it right now reminded me of how awesome this project is. It's truly one of the best vocal remixes of OCR in my opinion. Awesome singing by prophet, awesome acoustics by Taucer, awesome electric guitar by level 99. Surprised that it's never been submitted to OCR as a track.

on 2009-09-09 23:18:42

Just wanted to go ahead and say that

Darangen's track is AMAZING. One of my all time faves.

on 2009-07-04 18:25:46

Unfortunately the bittorrent link is dead, any chance for a reup please ?

*never mind, I found a list of mirrors here: *

on 2008-12-21 15:51:30

Thieves of Fate (Days of Summer) is basically one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Same with Scar Sealing Girl. I have a morbid obsession with that song.

This album rocks. :D

on 2008-10-29 22:56:51

I love this album. If I could, I'd make Days of Summer V2 my theme song. I love pretty much every song on this one. Holy crap. I'd also like to say I have a special place in my heart for Thieves of Fate I totally dig the vocals.

on 2008-10-19 22:55:52

Finally dl'ed the album.

I really like it.

Days of Summer V2 makes me think of Firefly.

on 2008-09-18 09:00:19

Yeah, I would also like to push the lossless request once more. Burning audio CD's using mp3's is just so... Unprofessional... :-P

Zen Frazier
on 2008-09-17 20:42:23

Been listening to this album again... for the first time. Actually it didn't make my regular rotation at first release, but lately I "rediscovered" this one (similar to Yogarine above) and I really enjoy this one. Just wanted to say: Thanks! :nicework:

Oh and I echo the request for FLAC if it's at all possible at some point, but otherwise what we have is surely much better than nothing at all. :-)

on 2008-07-05 20:00:30

I downloaded this album on release day but never really got around to listening all of it (too addicted to Voices of the Lifestream I guess) but recently I have been starting to listen to this album at least once a day. Great album!

Just one request, and I know this has already been asked, but being an audiophile, I would _really_ like to have a lossless version (preferably FLAC) of this album. Especially Days of Summer V2 suffers a lot from the compression.

Anyway, keep the great albums coming! OC ReMix needs more albums like this, small yet outstanding.