Chiptune: Secret of Mana聖剣伝説2

SPC Format, 65 Songs, 182.8KB

Published 1993 by Square for SNES

Music by Hiroki Kikuta


  • File: secret-of-mana-snes-[SPC-ID6114].rsn
  • MD5: d6aae671f0d8b2eb90f6b185fbc8af6b
  • Format: SPC (RAR)
  • Extracted Info: Secret of Mana | Hiroki Kikuta |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Angel's Fear
2. Tell a Strange Tale
3. Rose and Ghost
4. Always Together
5. Kind Memories
6. Into the Thick of it
7. Into the Thick of it (Echo)
8. The Color of the Summer Sky
9. Dancing Beasts
10. Dancing Beasts (Echo)
11. Far Thunder
12. The Fairy Child
13. Happenings on a Moonlight Night
14. In the Darkness' Depths
15. The Holy Intruder
16. Secret of the Arid Sands
17. What the Forest Taught Me
18. A Wish
19. Spirit of the Night
20. Did You See the Sea?
21. Danger
22. The Orphan of Storm
23. The Wind Nevere Ceases
24. Flight into the Unknown
25. Eternal Recurrence
26. The Legend
27. Eight Ringing Bells
28. A Curious Happening
29. Monarch on the Shore
30. Star of Darkness
31. Star of Darkness (No Echo)
32. Prophecy
33. Steel and Traps
34. A Prayer and a Whisper
35. A Prayer and a Whisper (Echo)
36. Ceremony
37. To Reach Tomorrow
38. Give Love its Rightful Time
39. Pure Night
40. The Curse
41. Oracle
42. A Conclusion
43. I Won't Forget
44. One of Them is Hope
45. Meridian Dance
46. The Wings No Longer Beat
47. The Second Truth From the Left
48. Close your Eyelids
49. Menu
50. Ally Joins
51. Victory
52. Got an Item
53. Midge Mallet
54. Elemental Acquired
55. Mara's Key
56. Cannon Travel Launch
57. Cannon Travel
58. Cannon Travel Landing
59. Flammie Coming
60. New Continent Rises
61. Grumble
62. Boss Defeated
63. Got Weapon Orb
64. Sprites
65. Burning Castle


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