Chiptune: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Questスーパードンキーコング2 ディクシー&ディディー

SPC Format, 103 Songs, 333.2KB

Published 1995 by Nintendo for SNES

Music by David Wise


  • File: donkey-kong-country-2-diddys-kong-quest-snes-[SPC-ID6240].rsn
  • MD5: 8c6a2b4f21985c263f9db1901b87189d
  • Format: SPC (RAR)
  • Extracted Info: Donkey Kong Country 2 | Dave Wise |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. K. Rool Returns
2. Welcome to Crocodile Isle
3. Klomp's Romp
4. Lockjaw's Saga
5. Jib Jig
6. Swanky's Swing
7. Snakey Chantey
8. Bayou Boogie
9. School House Harmony
10. Forest Interlude
11. Funky the Main Monkey
12. Flight of the Zinger
13. Cranky's Conga
14. Hot-Head Bop
15. Run, Rambi! Run!
16. Token Tango
17. Lose
18. Win
19. Stickerbrush Symphony
20. Bad Bird Rag
21. Disco Train
22. Boss Bossanova
23. Steel Drum Rhumba
24. Krook's March
25. Klubba's Reveille
26. Haunted Chase
27. In a Snow-Bound Land
28. Lost World Anthem
29. Primal Rave
30. Crocodile Cacophony
31. Donkey Kong Rescued
32. Opening
33. Player Down (Klomp's Romp)
34. Player Down (Lockjaw's Saga)
35. Player Down (Jib Jig)
36. Player Down (Snakey Chantey)
37. Player Down (Bayou Boogie 1)
38. Player Down (Bayou Boogie 2)
39. Player Down (Forest Interlude)
40. Player Down (Flight of the Zinger)
41. Player Down (Hot Head Bop)
42. Player Down (Stickerbrush Symphony)
43. Player Down (Disco Train)
44. Player Down (Mining Melancholy)
45. Player Down (Krook's March)
46. Player Down (Haunted Chase)
47. Player Down (In a Snow-Bound Land)
48. Player Down (Primal Rave)
49. Diddy Clear (Klomp's Romp)
50. Diddy Clear (Lockjaw's Saga)
51. Diddy Clear (Jib Jig)
52. Diddy Clear (Snakey Chantey)
53. Diddy Clear (Bayou Boogie)
54. Diddy Clear (Forest Interlude)
55. Diddy Clear (Flight of the Zinger)
56. Diddy Clear (Hot Head Bop)
57. Diddy Clear (Stickerbrush Symphony)
58. Diddy Clear (Disco Train)
59. Diddy Clear (Mining Melancholy)
60. Diddy Clear (Krook's March)
61. Diddy Clear (Haunted Chase)
62. Diddy Clear (In a Snow-Bound Land)
63. Diddy Clear (Primal Rave)
64. Dixie Clear (Klomp's Romp)
65. Dixie Clear (Lockjaw's Saga)
66. Dixie Clear (Jib Jig)
67. Dixie Clear (Snakey Chantey)
68. Dixie Clear (Bayou Boogie)
69. Dixie Clear (Forest Interlude)
70. Dixie Clear (Flight of the Zinger)
71. Dixie Clear (Hot Head Bop)
72. Dixie Clear (Stickerbrush Symphony)
73. Dixie Clear (Disco Train)
74. Dixie Clear (Mining Melancholy)
75. Dixie Clear (Krook's March)
76. Dixie Clear (Haunted Chase)
77. Dixie Clear (In a Snow-Bound Land)
78. Dixie Clear (Primal Rave)
79. Stronghold Showdown
80. The Flying Krock
81. Player Down (Crocodile Cacophony)
82. Game Over
83. Mining Melancholy
84. Bonus Intro
85. Stage Clear (Klomp's Romp)
86. Stage Clear (Lockjaw's Saga)
87. Stage Clear (Jib Jig)
88. Stage Clear (Snakey Chantey)
89. Stage Clear (Bayou Boogie)
90. Stage Clear (Forest Interlude)
91. Stage Clear (Flight of the Zinger)
92. Stage Clear (Hot Head Bop)
93. Stage Clear (Stickerbrush Symphony)
94. Stage Clear (Disco Train)
95. Stage Clear (Mining Melancholy)
96. Stage Clear (Krook's March)
97. Stage Clear (Haunted Chase)
98. Stage Clear (In a Snow-Bound Land)
99. Stage Clear (Primal Rave)
100. Player Down (Boss Bossanova)
101. Diddy Clear (Boss Bossanova)
102. Dixie Clear (Boss Bossanova)
103. Ending Ambience


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