Chiptune: Final Fantasy Mystic QuestファイナルファンタジーUSA ミスティッククエスト

SPC Format, 25 Songs, 84.2KB

Published 1992 by Square for SNES

Music by Ryuji Sasai, Yasuhiro Kawakami


  • File: final-fantasy-mystic-quest-snes-[SPC-ID6656].rsn
  • MD5: c0ba437fef440eaaef85d844181431a6
  • Format: SPC (RAR)
  • Extracted Info: Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest | Ryuji Sasai |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Mystic Quest
2. Hill of Fate
3. World
4. Beautiful Forest
5. Battle 1
6. Victory Fanfare
7. City of Forest
8. Fossil Labryrinth
9. Battle 2
10. Middle Tower
11. Shrine of Light
12. Rock Theme
13. Fanfare of Friendship
14. Dungeon of Ice
15. Dungeon and Waterfall
16. City of Fire ~ Faeria
17. Rock 'n' Roll
18. Lava Dome
19. City of Wind ~ Windaria
20. Mountain Range of Whirlwinds
21. The Crystal
22. Last Castle
23. Battle 3
24. Mystic Ballad
25. Ending


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