Chiptune: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament FightersT.M.N.T. トーナメントファイターズ

SPC Format, 38 Songs, 141.9KB

Published 1993 by Konami for SNES

Music by Harumi Ueko, Hideto Inoue


  • File: teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-tournament-fighters-snes-[SPC-ID6808].rsn
  • MD5: e776eecccb10c2e4a6988e2a8e905852
  • Format: SPC (RAR)
  • Extracted Info: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: To | Kazuhiko Uehara, Hideto Inoue, H |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Konami Fanfare
2. Tournament Fighters (part 1)
3. Tournament Fighters (part 2)
4. Enter the Tournament
5. Back Alley
6. Cafeteria
7. Sky Palace
8. Scrapyard
9. Noh Stage
10. Thunder Dome
11. Art Museum
12. Pirate Ship
13. Mt. Olympus
14. Metal Works
15. Studio 6
16. Metro Train
17. Safe Cracker
18. Bragging Rights
19. The Champion's Challenge
20. Cowabunga!
21. Rest and Relaxation
22. Dreams to Reality
23. Peaceful Days Ahead
24. Hail the Villains
25. Supreme Dominance
26. Eternal Glory
27. The Ten Champions
28. Karai's Letter
29. Turtle Power!
30. The Next Victim
31. Small Talk
32. All is Well! ~ Staff Roll
33. You Win!!
34. You Can't Beat Me!
35. The Fighting's Over
36. You Need More Training!
37. Ten Second Decision
38. Game Over


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