Chiptune: Mega Man X2ロックマンX2

SPC Format, 32 Songs, 100.5KB

Published 1994 by Capcom for SNES

Music by Yuki Iwai


  • File: mega-man-x2-snes-[SPC-ID6843].rsn
  • MD5: 970afea9b8c45ae576fd816d28ffaee1
  • Format: SPC (RAR)
  • Extracted Info: Megaman X2 | Capcom Sound Team |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Plot of the X-Hunters
2. Title Theme
3. The Mavericks' Last Stand
4. Password Theme
5. Second Wave
6. Maverick Stage Intro
7. Weather Wizard
8. Panzer des Drachens
9. Dangerous Reef
10. Volcano's Fury
11. Wasteland
12. Red Alert
13. Sinister Gleam
14. Dust Devil
15. Maverick Sighted!
16. The Battle Ensues
17. Mission Accomplished!
18. The Victor's Spoils
19. Mentor's Gift
20. Base of Operations
21. Final Destination
22. Absolute Zero
23. Deeper Into the Abyss
24. Conspiracy to Murder
25. Approaching Assassin
26. Mortal Combat
27. Zero's Rebirth
28. Grim Vigilante
29. Judgement Day
30. The Wake of Destruction
31. Hail the Conquering Hero
32. Capcom Logo


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