Chiptune: Demon's Crestデモンズブレイゾン 魔界村 紋章編

SPC Format, 29 Songs, 140.8KB

Published 1994 by Capcom for SNES

Music by Toshihiko Horiyama


  • File: demons-crest-snes-[SPC-ID7056].rsn
  • MD5: b3916bb7ba35063f0097aab97521b934
  • Format: SPC (RAR)
  • Extracted Info: Demon's Crest | Capcom Sound Team |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Opening
2. Legend of Firebrand
3. Choose Thine Options
4. The Chonicler
5. Prelude to Horror
6. Battle of the Zombie Dragon
7. A Treasure Recovered
8. Beyond the Colosseum
9. Challenge of Devils (Intro)
10. Challenge of Devils
11. Over the Demon Realm
12. Metropolis of Ruin
13. The Shopkeeper
14. Headbutting Game
15. Catacombs of the Dead
16. This Enchanted Forest
17. Within the Tidal Reefs
18. Cursed Towers
19. A Sunken Aqueduct
20. Dance of the Snowy Barrens
21. Caverns of Ice
22. Palace of Decadence
23. Phalanx Arising
24. The Infinite Demon
25. The Hell of Civil War
26. The Crests are Hidden Forever
27. The Throne Refused
28. Memorial of the Fallen Ones
29. The End - Firebrand Victorious


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