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  1. I am pretty much in love with the entire soundtrack for both SaGa Frontier 1 and 2, and Pokemon B/W. So hearing anything from those would be AMAZING.

    It is worth noting that jazz is my favorite genre of music, but I love so many genres that I'd beg you not to limit yourself. (Or maybe you feel like challenging yourself!)

    A specific track I am hoping for from SaGa Frontier 2 is a song called "Botschaft", and it has another variant called "Rosenkranz."





    From Pokemon B/W, I pretty much love everything, and picking my favorite would be difficult, but here are some of my tops.

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCvKPCzmNoc (Professor Araragi)

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCmHigol98U (Belle's Theme)

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14YF9lybENs (Gate)


    (Sky Arrow Bridge)


    (Battle! Elite Four)


    (Global Link Terminal) [Fav!!]


    (High Link) [Fav 2 cause holy shit, epic sounding]


    (Sazanami Town Autumn~Spring)

    And pretty much.. most of the battle music is brilliant.

    Long list, I know. ;u; Please and thank you!!!

  2. I recently began replaying Panel de Pon and it's still the cutest puzzle game ever. I particularly enjoy the music and was excited when Brawl released Lip's Theme as part of the soundtrack.

    But I'm sure someone here at OCR loves this classic as much as me. :)

    Lip's Theme, Windy's Theme, or Elias' Theme have come to be my favorite songs. Elias' Theme is particularly pretty, so I suppose if you'd like to do something light...

    I don't have any source files, unfortunately, except suggesting you pick up the ROM of the original Japanese version.

  3. Utah...the dry, theocratic, anti-alcohol, stepford, hell hole of an excuse for a state.

    Want to know something funny?

    I work in a credit card collections department, and I got really friggin' bored at work...

    I looked up Phoenix Wright, just to see if his name was in our system.


  4. I've only found one other thread prompting for a Hotel Dusk remix to be had, and I'm also pretty curious why this game hasn't actually had a go at yet, aside from the one response to the other thread (But hasn't seem to have gotten anywhere).

    Hotel Dusk has gotten some pretty spectacular reviews for a linear story adventure game, and the music is just quality that can touch the heart at the right moment. Each track has been properly placed, and every scene lives up to its moment thanks to it. Can't figure out what's going on? The music is about to break it down.

    That being said in praise, I could suggest a few tracks to mix that are my personal favorites, as well as link you to the right site to acquire it.

    First and foremost:


    The website to go to for the OST.

    Secondly! Suggested tracks. Hell, even double - get brave and go triple, I dare ya - remixes would be amazing.

    Bright Crystal (This one is my favorite.)

    Midnight (Second!)

    Violet Sky (And third. <3)

    The Last Sleep

    Hotel Dusk

    Dream's End

    High Spirits


    Silent Moon

    Amber Sunset

    I know, I know. A lot of suggestions. Some of those are bearing double remixes in mind. The entire soundtrack is amazing; I'd just seriously be fond of those as new concoctions.

    I don't know many people who have played the game, but if you have the time (or the patience, rather) for a slow-paced, excellently executed mystery story, then you should give Hotel Dusk a try. You'll also see what I meant about the music.

    Thanks to anyone considering it!

  5. If anyone came up to me and asked what song in Final Fantasy X I enjoyed the most, I'd tell them "Besaid Island." It's a random choice but one I'm very fond of. Memories of sleeping during the cold winters of Chicago, my home town I may never see again but hope to, curled up and lonely on my bed.

    The television screen paused on Tidus' smiling face and the music playing as gentle as its intent in the background. I let it run for a week before I finally kept playing the game and even then I had an extra save file just for the sake of having the song to help myself fall asleep to.

    To say the very least, I was anxious to see a remix of "Besaid Island" amongst ecstatic. Engulfed with hope, riddled with doubt, I hit play and let it flood my ears.

    I was pleased to get a feel of smooth jazz but not strong enough into the genre to cancel it from calling it new age as well. Some may have said they couldn't hear Besaid Island's music until the 4:06 point, where it is blatantly obvious but I thought the beginning was very well presented.

    It reminded me of tolling onto the start of the sand just prior to the walk toward the crashing waves and endless waters. You're walking across the concrete and dirt, and get excited to finally tread on the sand. Then your heart starts beating faster when you can not only hear the ocean but see it living before your eyes. And it's always a wonderful feeling if someone is with you to keep you company in your joy as well, thus what I felt with the wonderful vocals gracefully dancing into the music.

    I do have to agree that the voice executed wouldn't work in many songs, unless you're an avid JPop listener but even then you need the proper tune (And I'm sure most, if not all of us have heard JPop/Rock once in our lives), but to this particular music, I think it's suitable, if not perfect. I actually thought midway the song,

    "Her voice reminds me of Yuna." Oh, you make me enjoy singing once again. (I abandoned ten years of Chorus because I felt I wasn't good enough.)

    So, just to shorten this up from what it could be, this is a -beautiful- remix and you both should be very proud. Thanks for making one of my comforting memories even moreso.

  6. When I first found out that this ReMix involved the music of Hollow Bastion, I nearly had a heart attack. It's personally one of my favorite tracks from the KH OST. I stepped into this rather worried due to that love, but I promise you, I did not leave disappointed.

    This ReMix puts you upon the waters of Hollow Bastion with it's mystifying but brilliant combination with Destati. The question is when you listen and become trapped in the steady beat and the tapping chimes of the piano, can you feel the mist of the rising falls against your face?

    I agree with a previous reviwer about the 2:47 climax. It simply made my heart leap. I like mostly how it builds up and doesn't just throw you right into it, rather like the falls of Hollow Bastion themselves. Just slowly moving upward.. The work with the piano isn't abused, since it seems to be a well-loved and often-used instrument in many ReMixes with music that has such a gloomy air about it.

    So far, out of all the ReMixes I've acquired from this website, this is defintely my favorite. I applaud such great work and I hope you do more KH ReMixes.

    (Got a little in-depth there but I couldn't stop myself. XD)

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