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  1. it is, but then again find me a person who says 'i used to be a handheld gamer but i left that market for smartphones' and i'll give you 20 bucks.

    I imagine there are tons of parents out there that see investing in an phone/ipod touch, etc. as a much sounder choice where the games are typically free to $1, than $40+ a game for a dedicated handheld console.

  2. I don't understand how people can say that. Most HDTVs today have PC-In. Most GPUs use HDMI connections. In what way is PC not made for TV? My PC is on TV right now. 52" HD monitor for the win. Full 1080p gaming with a computer that is already equally powerful to next-gen consoles. :tomatoface:

    But this has only really been within the last 5 years, when HDTVs have reached mass market levels of adaption. Circa 2000, you'd have a boxy, heavy, CRT with a 20" monitor if you were lucky.

    Also, it used to be more about exclusives. Most titles people wanted to play, were primarily console exclusive, or hit the PC market months/years later. That's not a bash on PC games, it was just the reality years ago. Since games are so damn expensive exclusives are becoming more and more rare.

    Considering Halo and Gears of War are the only worth-while (and that's increasingly debatable) exclusives M$ has developed in the last 10+ years I can't see any reason why anyone is gonna pick an Xbox ONE over just about anything else, other than some blind fanboy loyalty.

  3. Simple. I like the games.

    I'm just ranting about the ridiculous amount of crap you have to do just to play them. And it seems like it will be getting even more cumbersome when One and PS4 are released.

    Remember when blowing inside the cartridge was the biggest obstacle in getting a game to work?

  4. A brief explanation of the "game fees."

    Guys, do you remember when we used to buy a video game system and a video game, and when we got home, we hooked the system up, stuck the video game in the system, then the system played the goddamn game?

    If this is accurate, I will never buy this system under any circumstance.

    By the way, it will be interesting to see what Gamestop does to counter this. As much as I detest Gamestop, I think the industry has vastly underestimated the role they play when it comes to pre-selling new titles at the full sucker price.

  5. They probably should've announced this on April 1st, and then no one would've believed it.

    I thought it was an old April Fool's joke until I saw it was just the games studio.

    Yeah, they had a run of mostly lousy games as of late (ok, a long time), but man it's sad to see them get shuttered.

  6. is this on Nintendo's part, or the 3rd party developers?

    I was referring more towards Nintendo's strategy of almost exclusively supporting their systems that were unpopular with 3rd party developers, like N64, Gamecube.

    Essentially if you bought those systems, most if not all the games you got for them were Nintendo exclusives. But that was all you bought for the system.

    Nintendo is the only one who has stable of exclusives to do that, and even they are trying to do more with 3rd party developers. They missed out on all the GTA money, and most of the CoD cash, for essentially doing nothing more than hosting the title.

    But MS has Halo and Gears of War. Not enough to make sustain a company when everyone (or almost everyone) will be trying to purchase non-exclusives on the systems that let you swap discs with friends or use gamefly.

  7. There's been talk of Sony doing this with the PS4 for at least as long as the speculation about the 720. I doubt collusion is involved, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if one emulated the other to put a stranglehold on the market. Although what BooDidley said rings true: if one does place restrictions and the other doesn't, the latter will likely see many more console sales. (Unless the PS4 debuts with a price tag similar to what the PS3 had).

    As for Steam, it's something I want to like but just can't. I want to physically own a game whenever possible, because I've had a few too many experiences in the past where digital copies have been a much bigger pain than they should have been.

    What's also ironic is this talk of MS doing this when Sony apparently has a patent for such a method:


    I doubt collusion would be a winning strategy as this point anyway, since Wii U doesn't have it, although it may not be seen as a direct competitor.

  8. Honestly, I see all this rumor mongering from unnamed sources just a typical pathetic ploy from so-called videogame "journalists" to agitate the gullible and drive page views.

    Are things like no used games possible? Of course. It is Microsoft after all, the company behind Vista and Windows 8, but let's look at the reality.

    1) It's a much tougher market now than it was even 8 years ago when the 360 launched. 99 cent gaming and free gaming are taking a cut and raising expectations. Tablets and phones are drastically changing gaming dynamics for a whole new generation of gamers to boot.

    2) Then there's newcomers with set-top boxes like the $99 OUYA and Valve. Will either of them be in the business 5-7 years from now? Who knows? But you can bet they're both gonna make a splash. And the PC market has resurrected to boot.

    3) Gamestop. The industry says they hate them. But who pre-orders more games at full-retail value? Are you a sucker if you shop there? Usually. Especially if you consistently buy titles at $60, that will be $40 or less, 2 months later, but ultimately, the income they bring in, and the force they are for full-retail value shouldn't be denied. Killing the used game business would likely kill Gamestop, and that would suffocate the $60 console title.

    4) Me, you, and everyone else with half a brain. If one console can play used titles, and another one of comparative specs can't, which one is gonna get most of your money and time? Especially if they share mostly the same catalog of titles. Sure there's always die-hards, fanboys, and suckers, but unless it's universal, it will be a significant sticking point.

    5) Exclusives. They get rarer every year, and are less of a selling point. If Microsoft was Nintendo, they'd have a better shot of embracing the strategy of selling a console based on exclusives, but even Nintendo has somewhat abandoned that notion.

    If Microsoft does move forward with this, expect a subtle, yet powerful and aggressive marketing campaign. Dozens of blogs and "journalists" will suddenly proclaim how this is a good thing, and will make gaming even better. And fanboys arguing their exact talking points will flood every comments section.

    If there's one thing I've noticed over the last decade, there's a significant and vocal quadrant of the gaming population that is fucking brainless, yet think they're brilliant. Sheep and tools.

    And I won't even think twice about never buying a 720.

  9. As far as "mature" themes go, the hype seemed to suggest a lot of risque stuff that even HBO or Showtime (!!) might not be cool with, but so far it seems more like an AMC show that happens to have some F-bombs and boobies. Not really a problem for me, just seemed kinda silly to focus on that angle with the PR, based on what I've seen thus far.

    I hope that's all hype. I just finished the 4th episode and the series still kind of plays like slightly more risque version of Mad Men, as you have described.

    If suddenly it veered off into gratuitous and/or excessive amounts of nudity or inexplicable gore (not that I anticipate gore), that being too much for HBO or Showtime would suggest, it would kind of ruin what has been so far, an adult, but dignified, perhaps, even classy production. I pray it avoids falling into the typical cliches and TV trappings that usually snare series of similar aspirations.

  10. Just finished episode 3. Love how Kevin Spacey kicks everyone's ass without ever lifting a finger. Also like how everyone on the show so far has way more than one-dimension, and usually not in a predictable manner.

    One other criticism though, the opening titles at start of every show feels way too much like the "Walking Dead's" credits. Strange as though it may sound.

    Anyway, pretty cool how Netflix might've finally scored with an original series (ok, a sort of remake, but still) that could hang with the big boys on cable.

  11. FF8 was good but from a musical standpoint it didn't have the BAM factor aside from some key key tracks. (Eyes on me, the opening theme) Dont get me wrong it met the very high standards and beat the ones FF7 had set but at the same time there weren't the memorables. FF8 is one of the least remixed games on the site for a reason. (Correct me if this isnt the case but i know of maybe...5 total? compared to 9 and 6 and 7))

    Actually, FF8 stands currently at 30 remixes, if I'm reading this right:


    FF9 sits at 23.

    I'd be happy to see both FF8 and FF9 get the full treatment.

    Anyway, the only one who comes close to FF7's 105 is FF6 at 85. Which I imagine will surpass it once Balance and Ruin is released.

  12. I do believe the actual plan for G4 is to turn it into a channel based on content like GQ or Esquire magazines, making it a channel for the "modern male"

    I think I heard something like that too, but doesn't the "modern male" play videogames?

    So is it gonna be the male equivalent of the "Women's Channel" or "Oxygen"? I think there's plenty of "guy" channels already anyway.

    Personally I always wished for re-runs or a modern day equivalent of

  13. In theory, I really liked the concept of both shows. Execution was another matter.

    AOTS often was nothing more than an hour long commercial for sponsors. It was true they had occassional news stories, reviews, and some web videos, although sometimes the web videos were dubious promotional materials. I really hate the fake-ass audience that cheers everything.

    X-Play wasn't much different, sans fake audience. Content was typical over-hyped previews, and reviews that had no teeth when it came to criticism of anything proclaimed "AAA" from a major publisher. Sure they'd beat on JRPG's or Dynasty Warriors 47, but you'd never see them level serious criticism against CoD.

    Still it makes me little sad to see there's nothing gaming-related left on TV... The channel could've been something special.

    What the hell is G4 gonna be now other than Ninja Warrior/Cops/Cheaters?

  14. Jesus, that was a long read.

    What I'm taking away from both is that we're screwed. And that the notion of "back in my day" has been around for a very, very long time.

    Yeah, you could say it's exhausting in every definition of the word.

    I don't know if we're totally screwed, but would take almost a new cultural phenomena to worm into the mainstream and open more doors for other fringe artists.

    Or maybe the US gov't one day decides to start breaking up big media companies who clearly have too much influence and are partially responsible for choking the innovation, jobs, and life out of the music industry.

    Wouldn't hold my breath on that happening any time soon though...

  15. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20121022/00013120781/trent-reznor-talks-to-techdirt-about-his-unconventional-new-record-deal-why-he-still-loves-diy.shtml?utm_source=feedburner

    Relevant for those of you who want to get learn'ed about the business - some great insight from Trent Reznor. Talks about music trends - some of the stuff from this topic.

    With all due respect, I'm not sure what we're supposed to take away from this. Reznor decides he wants HTDA to reach as many people as possible (which all musicians I assume, want) and goes back to label produced music.

    What's the lesson? Other than, all the DIY and previously built up fame of even a major act such as NIN, isn't good enough to get HTDA off the ground.

    How is it really fair to say to musician nobodies, without a couple of decades of fame and success under their belt, that they can really build a massive audience through the internet, when Reznor doesn't even feel he can't? I'm not knocking Reznor, his reasoning is not unsound. But it's a bit telling about the viability of trying to build a music career based on new media standards.

    I always thought this was an interesting write up of how the old label structure, as bad as it was, at least attempted to invest in developing new acts. It's freaking massive though.

  16. Also worth noting for the surprisingly disturbing ending where SPOILERS

    Those Spoilers are awesome.

    Bad Dudes is one terrible game that you think will be awesome until you try to play it.

    Also the original TMNT on NES. Everyone was so pumped on TMNT when it came out, and the game was this overly difficult monstrosity, at least for the average pre-teen fan of TMNT at the time.

  17. With good being subjective, it's almost not worth arguing.

    Plus, what if the arrangements of the alleged "bad" music are good in the "elevator?" Plenty of popular tunes have been re-arranged into awesome, light versions of their counterparts. And sometimes,

    I agree good is highly subjective, but there's such a narrow spectrum of what is even in the mainstream nowadays, I think a serious argument could be made that there is something seriously wrong.

    It's been said already, but going back to the 90's for example, you had a wide venue of running music genres and artists out there, so that there was at least something out there most people could probably appreciate.

    By elevator music, I meant not only the lightened arrangements, but also the general background music that you hear when you go to a store, which many times sounds like (at least to me) the original recordings of pop hits of yore.

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