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  1. Please use the EDIT button next time if you intend to respond to multi quotes.

    Well I don't know who Janne Warman is, but I can do fancy effects of various types. I probably should show you some examples of my work.


    This is just my general portfolio. The 'zany' works are on my ACIDplanet page, others privately kept.

    I don't think it matters if I am replying to different people in my own thread. multiple times. It's not like I care about my post count lol. janne warman is a jazz keyboardist he played in children of bodom. His solo album pwns so much stuff. I recommended checking him out. Hes better then jordan rudess. I'll defiantly take a look at what you got going on there.

  2. Eh, sorry I don't have any talent whatsoever, but if u DO intend to do a Breath of Fire 2 remix, can you do either Death Evan's battle song, or the second battle music (right after u meet the Elder Tree or whatever) Thx :D

    I wamt to do a lot of them. That game had some wicked metal esc progressions.

    I just don't really have a lot of time do all the things that would require an awesome remix.

  3. I'm available for any experimental or keyboarding stuff, could whip up a few WAV streams of effects or notation, whichever. (Mainly electronic, keys, or atmospheric phrases.) I use ACID 6 Pro and MIDI sequencing (not simplistic MIDI sequencing mind you...) as a norm.

    what about doing some stuff like janne warman well at least in terms of writing and sequencing lol Effects are awesome as well. ^_^

  4. I'm listening to a midi from the title screen. The song seems pretty basic. I could turn it into a metal guitar type ballad easy enough probably use the melody structure to make a a progression and then write a solo that mimics it and drums and probably a violin and keyboard type synth would work with it.

  5. You should give Samurai Zombie Nation. While I've never really played the game to completion, a simple pick-up will give one so many ideas on what to do with the music. As it did with me. :)

    well do you want to work on it lol, I never played it but I can get it and i'll do any guitar parts you want

  6. I don't know what the roman nuemerals mean. It's hard to tell if it's used for more than one thing in music, since I can't understand any of what it's talking about.

    I read about how chords are made out of major and minor intervals. (although it still takes me a long time to identify them)

    but how are you determining these keys? I see only 2 places where an instrument hits the C key, and it doesn't look like the start or end of a melody, so how did you determine a C major key?

    I explained this on a previous page look back and you can see, I think I did that just for you.

    I honestly can't tell you if hes right or wrong about what key the song is in, I haven't even nor care to listen to it. But the key of the song is not limited to the first or last note.

    And you also have harmony keys which contain the same exact notes. So sometimes finding the key can be complicated but like I said you gotta know what your hearing it makes it massively easier.

  7. From Master of Puppets it would be Battery, Master of Puppets or Orion. I know Orion would be great for bass playing. Though I'd personally love to see just about anything off of Ride the Lightning, particularly the title track.

    Though the only problem with Metallica is that they repeat alot of riffs that could get repetitive quick. I know there are some songs like that in the other two GH games and man is it boring sometimes to play those. Such a chore.

    the four horsemen, creeping death, sanitarium and everything of st. anger jk lol any of you can pick up a real guitar thrash around on it and play those songs better probably lol.

    Oh by the way you have an awesome first name man

  8. Because 1) I was primarily talking about people who write music, and 2) the reasons performers (including guitarists) give for not learning theory aren't any good.

    Yeah, you can be a good composer or performer without studying theory, but that doesn't mean it's still not counterproductive to purposefully avoid theory training.

    This is not a flame lol, I think I get what your typing to say but it's worded very oddly

    what did you mean by "give for not learning aren't any good"

    and "that doesn't mean it's still not counterproductive to purposefully avoid theory training"

  9. Too bad your list has A: songs by nobodies, and B: bands like ozzy, dethklok, hendrix and van halen who had better songs in Guitar Hero than in your selection. As for DragonForce, they're good, but why have their songs in the game when NOBODY will ever be able to friggin play them? It defeats the purpose.

    Don't worry, though. Neversoft's taking over the series, so you'll have plenty of great emo and skater punk music to play.

    ...just so you know, I'm not being serious, but damnit, don't trash my favorite game.

    lol I actually got on mtv because I did guitar work on a some cartoon that had something to do with it lol. So I don't hate it , I just think it needs some real guitar heroes. Although those guys did not play every song correctly either, and the vocals sound terrible on certain songs. There is a lot of improvement to be had I know they can't recreate those songs I listed, They would need to hire more expensive musicians.

    But look at in my view lol. I have spent like 100s of hours at least trying to master jason beckers serrana arpeggios some of the hardest arpeggios ever made, maybe I would like to play a game where I can just hit a few buttons and Pretend for a moment that I am totally owning that song lol.

    But for the tracks on there, it would be fun if I could plug in my guitar and take on people with the guitar controller.

    I added this in here but if anybody likes shred, this is my friend shane rocking out for the namm tour If you think dragon force is good you have no idea lol this will probably explode your mind ^_^


  10. I've never understood the reluctance some musicians have wrt studying theory. They say that compositional rules will just stifle their creativity--but theory doesn't offer any rules for composition and it can only harm one's creativity if you let it.

    Based on the discussions I've had, I tend to think that most of the anti-theory types don't really understand what the point of theory is; they seem to confuse a largely analytical tool for a compositional one.

    lol you've never been a guitarist then. That's the bulk of non theory players who can actually be great musicians. Because you get guitar tabulature, you can rock out on a song with just a little practice and most of them like I was for a while just use their ears to figure out stuff and memorizing entire songs in order just to play them once through.

    Yeah you hear a lot of excuses. The main reason I chalk it all down to is laziness. It's reading and its not fun to most "cool rock guitarists" who are rebelling against conformity lol.

    It's kinda funny how the word has done a complete 360 conformity to me is being ignorant.playing classical or jazz music seems to be more rebellious.

    But if is very easy for a beginner to get stuck in familiar scales and everything else, but it takes a lot of desire to become like a virtuoso type musician, it's not for everyone. You know when it's for you when your instrument becomes like this vital organ to your existence.

    I honestly go crazy without my guitars or a keyboard or something. I just want to play music all the time. Or talk about it

    I like to play devils advocate when it needs to be done. It's a combination of great knowledge, experience, technique, creativity and presence that makes a truly great musician. For some of us it's a never ending learning process of bettering ourselves.

  11. Sonata Arctica and Iron Maiden, please.

    how about some einherjer, symphony x, dragonforce, rhaposody,concerto moon, and a side order of dream evil and mercenary to go with that

    This game is totally lame and non fun and I suck at it lol

    But for a game called guitar hero it sure lacks the things that make up guitar heroes.

    cacophony speed metal symphony

    Death- trapped in a corner

    Jason becker- perpetual burn

    Yngwie malmsteen- Black star

    Michael angelo batio- no boundries

    Marty friedman- Dragons kiss

    Dream theater- overture of 1912

    Van halen- eruption

    Dethklock- jingle hell

    Ozzy- diary of a madman

    Necrophagist- onset of putrefaction

    Steve vai-for the love of god

    Buckethead- enter the chicken

    Jimmy hendrix- Little wing

    Shane gibsons- Emo village pillage (lmfao none of those guys can play that song they would have to hire him 250 bpm sweeps )

    lol there is a game right there.

  12. Reading music is most fundamental step of music theory. If you have no idea what the lines and spaces on the grand staff represent, there is no way you would be able to identify a triad, seventh chord, or any chord for that matter.

    When taking a basic theory class, reading music and identifying notes is the first step.

    So, to answer your question, reading music has EVERYTHING to do with music theory!

    I see your point there. But never downplay aural ability, its the most powerful tool you have as a musician.

    But notation is just the written language of music. You do not need to know how to read music to learn music theory. I learned theory long before I buckled down and learned how to sight read on it.

  13. One that might spring up some humourous ideas (it did for me) would be Samurai Zombie Nation for the NES.

    Arpeggios might work really well with the execution on the theme song.


    Well it depends, here check this out


    I was goofing a bit with the melody to zelda at the begining and added some arps to it. I think I could pull any of it off, but I like writing my own solos that kinda follow the melody and branch off

  14. Heh, I love how the discussion switched to Buckethead within three replies.

    I've been mulling around in my mind the idea of an OCR project for a PC GH-clone game that I play. It's just an idea, but I would absolutely include that remix in the setlist, with Game Over's permission.

    every conversation should turn to a buckethead one ^_^

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