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  1. Whatever his name is from Crystalis: I played this for the GB. I found this thing called the wizard ring which gave me beams from my sword regardless of health, and the final was a matter of simply repeatedly pressing B from farther away than he could do much effective.

    Xenosaga II: They just fucked this up so bad. (The entire game, but the final boss was a special fuck up). The "real" final boss had no dramatic music, no final form, no exotic dancing girls, etc. So when you thought you reached the final boss, even with time in between to save, it was a storyline battle. Storyline battles require proper timing or anticipation: For example, FFVII yay, FFX boo. XSII OMGWTF.

    Xenosaga III: Meh, by the end of the game I had strategy figured out pretty easily, so there wasn't really any effort required for the bosses in the final dungeon. There was this item called "Seven Moons," available at normal shops in the early part of the game, that revived + fully restored HP/EP. So the best method of healing was to let your characters die one at a time, which wasn't hard to do.

  2. If gaming is an addiction than the Army better fetch me a psychologist before I develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to lack of so called addicting substance...... or idea..... while in a combat zone. Seriously, if gaming was an addiction I'd be fucked out in Iraq.... and on my vacation. Cause I got no games with me right now and when I get back I won't have time to play for at least two months. I can already feel my hands shaking with anxiety..... I swear, sometimes I think I'm gettin blown up and shot at to protect idiots like these.

    Maybe... you're not addicted? (Come to think of it, you do sound a bit angsty.)

    Maybe the AMA needs to do a little more in-depth study instead of just talkin through their asses.

    They are?

    The problem is it's run by older people who, in most cases, didn't have games when younger. So they don't like them since they watch younger kids play games instead of goin for that highschool football championship that everyone in their day aspired for since they had nothin better to do with their time. I agree with you guys.

    Games have been around since the 1980s, do the math, video game generation kids are now doctors.

    Gaming is just another way of spending time. Just like the internet, TV, movies, music, lifting, running, martial arts, singing, and anything else that a person could do to spend their free time entertaining themselves.

    Gambling, drinking, pornography...

    After being in Iraq for six months and not having almost any of those things, besides lifting and running, I can tell you from experience that even though I was disappointed it didn't make me stop in the middle of a fire fight and start shakin uncontrollably.

    Good for you, your case-study doesn't exactly prove that it's not possible to be addicted to video games.

  3. 90% of the time I play videogames I am confused, frustrated, or disoriented. Where does this whole games = fun idea come from?

    If you don't think video games are fun then don't play them. Go read a book or get a hobby or go outside or something, not that complicated.

    Games at which I have actually said "Wow this is fun":

    Super Mario Bros. 3

    Yoshi's Island

    Mario Kart Double Dash

    Katamari Damacy

    We Love Katamari

    Super Mario RPG

    Most of my favorite games are RPGs which I wouldn't necessarily call "fun," but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy them. (If it does mean that I don't enjoy them, then I would call them "fun." Please, let's not debate semantics.)

  4. better supported

    I assume your talking about standard support(css, html, xml, etc.) and not the number of html pages (don't limit yourself to internet webpages) that the browser will work with.

    If an HTML page doesn't work in Firefox, it's caused by a lazy developer who only checked to see if it worked in IE, or for some reason it's using ActiveX(Which can be bypassed with a Firefox extension) Quite a few of those same developers also force you to use IE to visit their page, because they know it works in that and don't wanna be responsible for making it work in other browsers as well.

    In fact, it generally takes more work to get something to display properly in IE than it does in FF.

    FF actually has that problem covered... http://ietab.mozdev.org/

  5. I don't understand why everyone is so hard on IE, it's a lot better than you give it credit for, and a lot better than Firefox. You act like a bunch of freelance web designers could actually produce something of higher quality than a corporation with actual, you know, funding.

    yeah, browser flame wars are dumb...

    but you are dumb too

    ...not dumb enough to use FF.

  6. A problem for all you Math people out there.

    I need to find the sum of the following series:


    I know that if the starting condition was n=0, the sum would be equal to e^5. However, it has a starting point of n=1. So how do you find the sum of it?

    ...maybe try subtracting 1?

  7. Sorry to nitpick...

    Well, think of a simple example, like the integers Z. Z, 2Z, 3Z, etc. are all subgroups of Z, and in those cases, they are isomorphic to Z sub n, the cyclic group under addition modulo n.

    Hmm? nZ is isomorphic to Z, but Z/nZ is isomorphic to Z_n.

    So, the cardinality of the natural numbers is the smallest cardinality that a set can have.

    Smallest cardinality an infinite set can have.

  8. I don't understand why everyone is so hard on IE, it's a lot better than you give it credit for, and a lot better than Firefox. You act like a bunch of freelance web designers could actually produce something of higher quality than a corporation with actual, you know, funding.

  9. There aren't enough mixes of this flavor. It really is an excellent piece.

    Does an exceptionally good job of transitioning from one segment to another. Namely, it starts out with just the basic prelude theme, then uses the cello, viola, or whatever it is (low string instrument, I can't tell) to change the tone of the piece, eventually flowing into a rock ballad. As I said, there aren't enough remixes like this, and out of the ones I've heard this has got to be the best. My only regret is that the mixer closed such a long piece with such a short ending, only a simple arpeggio going down a few octaves, would have done better lengthier.

    Whoa, great piece though.

  10. my bad, i guess you could call me a veteran listener but a newbie poster. I didn't realize that there was so much flaming on these boards of our remixing community. I was actually posting that topic in an attempt to find out what other people liked so that just in case there was something i hadnt sampled already, my search for good remixes would be helped along. In any case, I see good reason in disallowing such topics now that I've thought it through more. Thanks for not flaming.

    Well, if there's something specific you were looking for, you could try more like "piano mix recommendations."

  11. The last boss of FFIX gave me some serious trouble. Took me a while to figure out exactly what pattern to attack/defend in and how to defend against Grand Cross followed by Neutron Ring. I guess that's the price for trying to beat a 4-disc game in 30 hours.

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