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  1. Too short indeed.

    As for Chicago, I only live five hours away and have always wanted to go. Same with Cedar Point. Basically, I'm going to have a lot of major bills paid off within the next few weeks and am going to be a lot more flexible so I'm up fo wutevah.

    As for other ideas, there is a going to be the Louisville Arcade Expo in March. It's basically a mini-MAGFest (from pictures I've seen of MAGFest) without panels and a few bands but a TON of retro gaming. I don't know if it's worth it to bring everyone to Louisville for it, but I'll definitely be going ;) There was going to be another VGL during March in Louisville but the local orchestra is having budget problems, unfortunately.

    Also, I'm putting a vote in for doing this when it's at least warm (we at least know cold and rainy sucks right peeps :P). Thanks for organizing this Andrew; we are due for one!

  2. i don't see it as a disorder, just a less boring way to live.


    Ha, I like you're style.

    And that book looks really interesting Abadoss. I might have to give it a gander.

    Thanks for all of your input everyone. Feels good to relate. One thing that really took me to noticing this is I started listening to an audiobook in the car. Within a thirty minute drive, I probably distracted myself with this counting around 20-30 times and would have to rewind.

    It is a judgment call on the severity of it really. If it interferes with your life, that might be something to worry about. Or if they are thoughts you don't want to have and you are senselessly compelled to do them. I personally can't stand not having the control. If the compulsion spreads to other areas (generalization) like some of you have mentioned: walking inbetween sidewalk lines (I do that as well).

    Also, whenever I picked on my little brother, I had to hit him three times. I guess that's my fondness for compound meter coming out in me.

  3. After learning about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder's in class and the associated "counting" disorder, I realized, "hey... I think I have that."

    What I do is when I'm driving and there are street lights evenly spaced (especially on highways), as my car crosses one, I start counting "One, Two, Three, Four..." and so on until the next light and I start over. It's quite annoying, and even more so because I realize that I do it, but can't stop.

    Now the reason this is music related is because, even though correlation doesn't imply causation, I see that counting as very closely related to measures and beats. When my car reaches the light, that's beat one. Anyone who works in a modern DAW might see this as when the play cursor scrolls across the measures.

    I am curious if anyone else has experienced this type or any other type of conditioned generalization from being a musician/composer.

  4. I fucking knew it was going to be Uematsu. I tried to think of the one thing that would make me feel most like an asshat for canceling my MAGfest plans to be financially responsible, and that was it.


  5. I was guided here through your other album release (Metocrity Vol. 1) and from just checking out your music overall.

    Man, I'm glad I did.

    "Espers" is right up my alley. I just purchased after previewing it on Facebook. If I was forced to describe this album in one word, it would be: rich. It contains such INVOLVING and EVOLVING textures and your passion shows through the intricacy. It's one of those very few places you don't mind getting lost in.

    The hurdles you crossed to make this album are truly inspiring as well. Thanks.

  6. The name says it all.

    This series covers how melody, harmony, rhythm, and bass... work. The sections are fifty minutes a piece and Mr. Goodall presents the information in very informative and creative ways.

    The series starts with melody, here:

    I couldn't hold onto this gem any longer :) It is one of my favorite series and I wish it was still in distribution.

  7. Alright neblix... when there is a product mentioned and you mention the qualities of another product, that's comparing. When you mention the qualities of a product that is in a totally different class (like a mid-size sedan vs. a coupe), that's borderline irrelevant.

    To say "I didn't like the size" in regards to a product that is meant to be small, is silly.

    I'm not comparing them, I'm saying they're uncomfortable to use for someone who is used to longer, more spaced out keys.

    Basically, this can be completely omitted because I'm pretty sure anybody with some decent common sense would know that a product deemed with the quality of "laptop portable" is going to have a more "scrunched" design and not as comfortable as, say, my Radium 61.

    No big deal though.

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