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  1. also, blizzard has released info on the new shaman and mage talents. holy crap the new mage frost tree is GODLY.

    As a Mage I am very pleased the new talent tree. The talent Winter's Chill has been turned from a mediocre talent to a must have (Original Winter's Chill: "Tier 2 1/3 Increases the power of your Chill effects by slowing the target's movement by an additional 4%/7%/10%" New Winter's Chill: "Tier 6 1/5 Gives your Frost damage spells a 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% chance to apply the Winter's Chill effect, which increases the chance a Frost spell will critically hit the target by 1%. Stacks up to 5 times.") The new Arcane Resilience talent (Tier 3 1/1 Increases your armour by an amount equal to 50% of your Intellect.) that replaces Evocation is good because it will increase the survivability of Mages, something a lot of people have been wanting. I also like how they made Arcane Explosion an instant cast by default and that they removed Evocation as a talent and made it a skill. It’s also good that they haven't changed the tree's too radically so I can still have my 18 Arcane 33 Frost build (Here is my current build and my new build). When I first heard that they were reviewing Mages I was scared because I thought they'd nerf them but I am very pleased with what they have done. Word up Blizzard.

  2. Anyone remember Dark Link from Zelda: Ocarina of Time? DAMN, I hate that bastard. Everyone was like "Just use the hammer!" and you know what? I used the hammer. And it didn't work. He either used his shield to block it, or stabbed me before I had a chance to connect. Then everyone told me "Damnit, man! Just use magic!" and you know what? I used magic. I spun around with my flaming magical sword so many times that it made me dizzy. Then I ran out of magic power, realized I had no green potions left, and died. Then they're all "No, you ass! The OTHER magic!" so I used Din's Fire. The bastard STILL kicked the shit outta me, because I kept running out of fooking magic!! I swear to God, that little Dark Bastard still pisses me off. Because, for some unknown reason, he suddenly became massively easy. I finally connected with the freaking hammer, and then it was child's play. He never came back from that first blow, I just kept whacking him before he recovered. Go figure.

    Dark Link was incredibly easy. I don't know why you found him hard...

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