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  1. My biggest beef with the trailer for the game (haven't played the game) is that the mother is obviously suffering from severe mental problems, probably schizophrenia with auditory hallucinations.

    I get that the game is loosely inspired by a story from the bible, but the implication that a perfectly healthy (if isolated) person who watches too much of one type of programming will make that person do things that are ethically, morally, and legally wrong is annoying. That same implication always gets gamers like us up in arms whenever people decide to point the finger at our chosen medium.

    That said, if the content for the game itself is aimed at a much older audience, it seems like Nintendo is follow their set general patterns by not releasing this. Better explanations would have been nice, though.

  2. It's obvious that your character will be framed for a crime he didn't do, be stripped of all his belongings (and pokemon), and sent to a massive, high security prison where he'll be forced to work his way up the ranks in illegal underground pokemon tournaments.

    ...Or maybe not.

  3. "cute girls doing cute things"

    Moe blob is a genre I hate to love.

    If this is your thing, I can comfortably recommend Denpa Onna, Not much in the way of story or plot, but a weird, unique, and adorable cast makes it great fun. I think the BR comes out beginning of next month.

  4. Since we are talking anime, did people here see 5 cms per second? What did you think?

    I think 5 cms/second was probably a really good movie, but it just...it made me feel really bad. I was in kind of a weird funk the whole next day after I watched it. I don't really know a better way to describe it.

    The Placed Promised in our Early Days was, however, really enjoyable for me. (same director).

  5. I'm watching Clannad with a friend. Great plot and character development, the dub is decent, the animation is great. I'll recommend it for somebody that wants quality anime. Oh, and Dangos :oops:

    Even if you don't care for Clannad, you need to watch it just to gain access to After Story.

    Seriously, it is exactly what the hype says it is.

  6. Actually, I do this even when there's no music. Like, I get random beats and melodies in my head and just start tapping my fingers or feet, I even throw in some air guitar chords/riffs. And it happens a lot, yesterday I wrote an exam at college and after a while I realized that I was tapping my fingers the whole time and that it might bother other students.

    Guilty. Also, I'm a figdeter (meaning, I am often moving my hand(s) or one of my feet in constant, small movements) which combined with the above means I'm pretty much never not moving.

  7. I read the manga for Usagi Drop. It was great, although the last part of it was a bit of a "what just happened?" "this is getting slightly weird/I wasn't expecting that" sort of thing. Do they do it differently in the anime?

    The show covers the first part of the manga (from what I hear; haven't read it, don't intend to). If they make a season 2, I'd really hope they decide to do their own thing rather than follow the manga. I heard the ending to the manga was pretty weird/creepy, spoiled it, and agree.

  8. Glancing at the pic reminded me that I do have a recommendation: Monster. It's not flashy, sticking more with realism than blow-your-mind art. Yet it pulls off a stunning story, and you'll be at the edge of your seat for every episode. You could think of it as initially based on the older series 'The Fugitive', at least in the basic premise. Definitely worth a shot; do note that it takes a bit for the real story to kick in, so it's not a hospital drama as it may initially seem to be.

    Monster was a very fun ride. Enjoyed the whole thing, especially how grounded the series felt (minus the whole overarching conspiricy stuff).

  9. If you enjoyed Eva, check out RahXephon. Pretty interesting, its aged pretty well, and the dub doesn't suck.

    For something completely different, I loved Usagi Drop. Definately not for everyone, but if you have a single slice-of-life bone in your body and want a mature show that doesn't pander to a pubescent male audience, I can't recommend it enough.

  10. It's hard to be afraid of something that you can escape so easily.

    I'm remembering the giant hall with the rift in it, hiding behind a pillar and staring into the darkness. There's a faint shuffling and groaning, the music starts, and it just keeps getting louder, but as much as I strain, I can't see this things form in the distance. At the point where I think it must be on top of me because it's so loud, it dawns on me to turn around.

    Yep. I jumped, cursed at length and tried sprinting away. Those suckers are FAST!

    On-topic, I really enjoyed the story for Bastion. I think the choice NEAR the end of the game can be pretty moving.

  11. So I have a Hori screen protector for my system, but one problem: The top screen gets smudgey and I can't for the life figure out how to get it clean. Any thoughts?

    I've got one, too.

    Just now flipped mine open and wiped a fingerprint with my shirt, came right off. I buy the protectors so I can do things like wipe the screen with my shirt without worrying about scratches, so I don't know if that helps you.

    Is it the one that covers the entire top panel (like, not just the screen, but edge-to-edge)?

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