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  1. This one's open to all game catagories. Now, I'm not talking about a game who's control was so bad it made fighting/playing hard. I'm talking about a boss that was just plain nasty, viscious, could take a beating and dish one out, and took seeminly forever before the bastard/bitch (both sexes are covered here :D ) finally fell.

    For me, that honor goes to......

    Mother Brain and Dark Force!!!!!!

    Mother Brain from Phantasy Star II was a complete bitch to beat. No matter how many times you hit her, no matter the strength of the magic cast, you got your ass kicked in a big, big way.

    Dark Force from Phantasy Star III gets the tying nod because of the exact same thing. It took forever to disable it's hands, just so you could start beating on its head... which was another battle in itself. While it was also a sh*t to beat to Phantasy Star IV and I, the third game had the nastiest version on it.

    Special honors go to Death from Castlevania I... GOD that was an unfair boss...

    One of the hardest bosses I've ever faced was Sigma's 2nd form at the very end of Mega Man Xtreme 2 (Game Boy Color).

    Another really tough boss was the boss of Level 4 of R-Type 2 in R-Type Deluxe (Game Boy Color). My hands were sweating when I beat him!

  2. Wow! That song is amazing!

    Personally, while all the tunes from Donkey Kong Country 2 were good, KRool's theme was my favourite because it suited the character perfectly. KRool Intentions goes one step further by improving the original song to the extent that you can almost feel as through you're the bad guy!!

    Put simply, this music has to be heared to be believed. A definite classic! 10/10

  3. It's seems as though I'm the only one so far to say this, but I didn't really enjoy it that much.

    Don't get me wrong, the original was a great tune that eased you nicely into the second world, but at places the music goes a little out of tune, and the creepy notes at the begining and end of the remix don't work too well.

    Sorry, but this is at maximum an average remix. If you really (and I repeat: really) loved the original, then you might find some enjoyment from this. For me though, it isn't much fun. 5/10

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