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  1. question for leviathan:

    I placed 2 orders exactly 10 days ago, one I emailed to be cancelled, and the one I didn't cancel hasn't been shipped either. Both have 'pending' as their order status... Does it usually take this long?

    Same exact thing happened to me. I never got a reply from the store nor djpretzel.

  2. "Omen" and "Ocean Palace" are two of my favorite pieces of Mr. Mitsuda's work, and Oceanfire brought them together very nicely. I love how well the french horn of "Ocean Palace" blends in with the strings of "Omen", and when the female humming comes in, it makes it even better.

    I also enjoy how Oceanfire changed the pitch on the strings at the beginning from a normal pitch, to a more deep pitch. This is easily one of my favorites. 10/10

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