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  1. ...I think I was just audially fondled.

    So do I, like, tell somebody or something? I'm confused.

    Some stuff happening...I can't think of a friggin' adjective to put there. It's just, like, five flavors of cool. Frick, the beginning had me. I'm a fan of crazy. Like, Bela-Fleck-meets-Chris-Thile-on-stage kind of crazy. So, you totally hooked me at the beginning.

    And then the clock struck two. And, you blew my mind. I've never heard that song before, so it was a brand new experience for me...and, I love it! Yes...drop another whole step...yes, another fourth...deeper it goes, you know?

    Anyways...yeah, I'm still looking for the other half of my brain, so I'll get back to you on how cool it is.

  2. Well, after a few listens, I must conclude that this song kicks ass. The best part is if you hit repeat on the player, it just picks up again where it left off. Awesome replay value just for that.

    Drums blah blah...but, still, being a drummer, that groove calls out to me. Especially the first 30 seconds or so, a great example of what I lovingly refer to as a drumgasm. A little showoff-ish overall...but, still a great explosive start to a very solid, very enjoyable 4 minute ride. And not generic, thank God.

    Swell work here, Just swell.

  3. Thanks Arek!

    I think Lungfish's attack sound is just a weird sound he makes...not necessarily any word. On a side note, I got a good laugh out of thr first time I battled Kamek and he said "Hocus Pocus" for every chain or combo he made :lol:

    Yeah, so did I...

    Until very hard mode, and he said it, like, 7 or 8 times in a row, and I knew I just got served something fierce.

    But, yeah, this is an excellent remix! Funny story about this game-it made me decide to pick up the bass. Something about that synthesized slap bass that made me want to play it. And here I stand almost a decade later, still grateful for Blarg and his music. And his testosterone-inducing attack growl.

    I can't wait until this is finished!

  4. ....wow. 8O

    finally, my love for jazz and video games have united, and truly given me a masturbatory moment of bliss. That bass solo is unbelievably sexy. I had to go back just to make sure I heard it right. Too much good stuff here.

    Ha, I can't stop smiling. This has to be THE best remix on this site. Not to slam the others, but this is just exactly what I think when I think 'game remix'. Sooooo good. Almost too good for words. 8O

  5. You know what this song reminds me of? Rather, the picture it gives me? I can just kind of see a newlywed couple just dancing on a beach patio. Just kind of enjoying a quiet dance together, albeit clusmily, but still it doesn't matter to them. The giggle kind of really helps set that mood for me, of them just being in love with each other. Then as it goes on, they just kind of float into their own world, into that place where they are all that's in it. The offset non-perfection of the guitar patterns help to set it, too.

    Nevertheless, how in the world could I not have seen this when it was first debuted, I'll never know. What a great picture it gives me. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. 10/10.

    P.S. sound effect lol.

  6. hmm...well, overall, I'm digging the premise. A good take on a classic theme, and I personally dig the rockout remix style. However, I think that the drums are a little stale, especially for a rock remix. I dunno, it was good. But, I find my groove in the drums, and it didn't do it for me, unfortunately. Even synthed, it would have been nice to see some changes.

    That aside, it still was a great addition to ocremix's site. A great piece, one I think would totally rock if played in front of people.

  7. Hmm...very abstract. One of the songs I would really, really love to love. But, alas, it just can't go past my so-so margin.

    Don't get me wrong, the piano playing was superb; lots of incredible progressions, and a great oneuppuns from the original stuff. But, in my opinion, there was just a lot going on...sure, it sounded good. But, it just didn't seem that there was enough structure to support it.

    Maybe if it was drawn out more, where things could take more time to flow, it would have made an impact aside from a damn good pianist. But, overall good work. Just didn't hit me right, though.

    I'd love to see your take on other popular songs, though. I find your style fascinating.

  8. You should go for American Idol or something.

    Oh dear God, NO! She should not waste her talents on such a foolish show.

    I agree. Too many losers out there who think that because they sing "Respect" with some sass makes them a musician or something. :evil: Always good to hear some actual attempts to brave the widely uncharted waters of gaming.

    Suffice to say, I am once again blown away by the vocal beauty of this one. Pixietricks really has that kind of voice that I could listen to for hours, just watching some picturesque landscape and going 'ah, here's the beauty of life.' I love it, I love it, I love it. :D

    And, the chill groove placed under it instantly lowers my blood pressure 5 seconds in. Nice pocket, superb use of an uncommon time sig, and it really sets in well with the overall feeling Yuna would have been feeling; in my humble opinion, this could have easily been used in the game, maybe when she's whistling on the pier....at least, that's where I'd put it. :oops:

    Overall, beautiful stuff. Never ceases to amaze, when several talents get together.

  9. I tend to agree. Although it shows quite a bit of skill on the piano(I know I couldn't duplicate it), and everything is technically perfect...that's the biggest problem, as well. really, not very emotive at all. In music, I don't think perfection means a hill of beans. I've heard a lot of songs with less-than-perfect notes, chords, phrasing, whathaveyou, but the feel behind it is so compelling, i just sit there for hours listening to it. It's a perfect piece...but, it's a perfect piece. That explains it perfectly.

  10. csnew.jpg

    DANG. Now that's just jaw-dropping. That earth looks incredible. Excellent concept.

    I'd hate to nitpick on anything, seeing as the best thing I can draw is in the stick figure realm. But, I think this piece, although it looks awesome, is a little linear? Kinda looks a little 2 dimensional, at least as to how outer space is concerned. Im no artist by any means, but try spacing out the stars a little bit, just kinda seems a jumble to me. Maybe might help with creating a little more depth, too. Maybe adding colors to the stars, too, there are red and blue stars as well.

    Also, never hurts to move the title off center, too...but, that's just me talking, I dunno if that would throw it off or anything.

  11. wow....this is excellent! Taking a very low-key song like the Forest Temple theme and adding some meat to it is always a challenge in itself. But, this is a great finished product.

    An amazing voice, too. One that makes you wanna sigh collectively, just cause it pulls you into the clouds and keeps you there throughout the whole song. Yeah, maybe not pitch-perfect, but that in no way deterrs from the ethereal atmosphere its putting out so well. Hope to hear more of this voice on other mixes, well done. Kudos, Ms. Goldin. :D