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  1. One of this sites main goals was to expose artists music to new listeners and audiences. And unmod helped that. Here's how:

    I had Firefox tabs open to 3 unmod threads, for a total of 6 months. Unmod brought traffic. And yea, some didn't download, ALOT did. So did many lurkers like myself. I was entertained, and people return for that frequently. If you expect this site to be uber-serious and still have even remotely the exposure it has now, you're quite mistaken. If this site continues to wave the banhammer at anyone who speaks up, and to disregard humor as worthwhile, then it will be left full of boring posts like Gamefaqs, and we'll all know just how badly Goku can beat anyone.

    Just to note as well: the humor here was far-reaching. The Chargin' Mah Lazer meme was started in large part here, and I honestly think it would have not happened without UnMod, among others. DJP, mods, you made the collective internet laugh.

    It's sad to say that yesterday was the first time in months that OCRemix left my tabs. There simply weren't any threads of worth to look at. I don't eargerly refresh each day to see which unknown remix has been posted. I refresh for my friends, and my jokes. And they make me want to see the music that comes out of this site.

    Also, who said it was a beautiful place? The point of unmod wasn't to be a "beautiful" place, I always saw of it more as a place for shinanigans (How do you spell that...), and that really made this place fun.

    EDIT: Oops, didn't realize this new setup doesn't quote the previous quote (Bye bye quote nexus?)

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