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  1. Hey guys! I've just released my first original composed album Enjoy! Bandcamp | https://freijman.bandcamp.com/album/call-of-earth itunes | https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/call-of-earth/id1133485800 Spotify |
  2. An Angel's Wish for the Forest ReMix by Sebastian Freij / AeroZ https://youtu.be/rnWbx2CReCA
  3. Dark Fluctuation | Composed for 3 cellos http://youtu.be/nJNoGFkzL1Q Very happy to present this weekend's work! Big thanks to Crispin Anderson for recording, mixing & mastering. (http://www.crispinsound.com/) You can also get audio @ http://www.freijman.bandcamp.com/ Please give it a like & share if you enjoy it!
  4. Legend of Zelda | Time of Courage AeroZ ReMix http://youtu.be/s61l3A-_D90
  5. Game of Thrones Electric Cello Cover by Sebastian Freij http://youtu.be/RqO8V6_dVgE
  6. The Beatles | Blackbird cover http://youtu.be/abp_m-8bTHk
  7. Forest of Roses | Inspired by music from Secret of Mana http://youtu.be/XbJI_hSvDlo
  8. Anyone else from OCR in europe that want to create a team? Could be epic n' stuff.
  9. http://youtu.be/YRHBPz5X9Iw https://soundcloud.com/freijman/the-7th-saga-overworld-4 The 7th Saga | Overworld 4 arranged for 3 cellos
  10. Norihiko Yamanuki - Composer of 7th Saga Anyone know about his whereabouts and if he still do music?
  11. Let Go http://youtu.be/iIT0J6-eQTg
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