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  1. Abusing users is not the solution. Grow up and learn how to communicate politely, and maybe this issue could be resolved if you matured up.

    I'd just like to second that F4T4L has a track record of being abusive with the kickban hammer.

    It is for the greater good. Note how he often kicks me.

  2. I've always wondered: why does OCR maintain the 6MB limit? I would assume bandwidth concerns aren't as much of a problem as they were in the past (I forget the exact figures given at last MAGFest, but whatever.) I like my bitrates high, and I also like long songs.

    If nothing else, it'd be nice to include links to higher quality versions of a mix hosted elsewhere if the remixer (or whoever) is willing to provide the webspace.

  3. Does MAGFest come at the exact same time every year? 'Cause I'm looking at my spiffy college-merch calendar, and it says winter classes begin on Wednesday the 3rd, not, say, Wednesday the 10th.

    And I would be quite sad if this means no more MAGFest for fivre for a long time. Stupid 6-week-long break that starts in November!

  4. img0487vi4.th.jpg

    Benzo does something sneaky to The Prophet.


    Clockwise from Taucer's shiny head, not including said head: Garian's stomach, Teknoboy, The Prophet of Mephisto, pixietricks, Zircon, Bahamut, Moguta hiding behind Bahamut, q-pa, D-Lux, three guys I don't remember, Benzo, and DjSammyG in his women's jacket.


    Assrape. Hawt.


    Jill teleports out of the lobby. Or my focus is screwy.

  5. img0466bp3.th.jpg

    I have no idea what this is. Really.


    This was hard as hell to pose right. Girls, I have a newfound respect for you. It must be quite a task keeping your nipples from falling off.


    Oh boy, Dave's deleting UnMod! Moguta, Darangen, Bahamut D-Lux, pixietricks, someone I forget, and what are probably parts of Taucer and Mephisto's heads anxiously look on.


    ...Damn tubes are clogged.

  6. Since DjSammyG's thread has been turned into a redirect to this thread (hopefully not by one of the mods who told us to make another thread,) I'll commence to derail this thread with pictures. In other news, I hate the 4-image limit.


    "Dale North" does something amusing to D-Lux.


    Larry shoots out a stream of half-black energy and kills Jill midway through the panel as Zircon looks on in horror.


    Larry refuses to give a live performance of Toyota Disco.


    DJP signing Rama's DS.

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