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  1. Thanks for all the info on the iPods. I was pretty much just wanting something to play music while I go on a few road trips next year. As far as anything else goes, I'm pretty much not wanting/expecting anything other than something I would buy for myself. Only other thing I might want is either a Wii or PS3.

  2. Is there a consensus on the best NES emulator, btw? I was looking at FCE Ultra, but some people were recommending RockNES over it.

    Man a lot of these games are bringing back some great memories. I really can't recommend any others that hasn't been said already. As far as an emulator, Dhsu, I use Jnes. I haven't had any problems with it and it will run nicely in a window. Now if I can just get a good N64 one that won't act all funny at a higher resolution....

  3. Jedi Outcast... man, this is one game that I've always wanted to play, but never was able to find in stores once I found out about it. However, I saw one of those "collections of games in one package" things at Wal-Mart a few days ago, and this game was one of those included.

    If I can gather up the money to purchase it, you can bet I'll be joining you guys!

    That would be the Star Wars Best of PC game collection. Republic Commando is in that set as well, another one I wanted to give a try but couldn't find the damn game at stores.

  4. Anyways, I wouldn't do it. 80k is a lot of milage for a 2003, someone drove the hell out of that thing. I'd even go so far as saying it's overpriced considering it's an automatic V6.

    I have to agree there, 80,000 miles is a LOT of miles on not even a 4 year old vehicle. That is roughly 26,000 miles on it per year when the average driver puts on anywhere from 12,000 to 15,000 miles a year on a personal car. I have a 1990 Ranger 4WD, club cab, with just a little over 130,000 on it. It has been well taken care of. I have had to replace a few parts here and there when it hit 100,000 but it still looks and runs great. On that Mustang tho, I would be VERY leery about buying it. There is a reason that the dealership wants that car gone and is willing to cut such a "great deal" on it. I wouldn't be surprised in the first year that Mustang starts breaking down on you and kills your wallet in the process.

  5. You can always count on Coop to recommend some really great game titles. I haven't had to deal much with sucky games at all. I would include in the PS2 game list to play :

    Devil May Cry 1 (haven't played 2 or 3)

    Crazy Taxi

    Gauntlet Dark Legacy (more fun with friends)

    Robotech : Battlecry

  6. I've got the older version of the LG enV from Verizon. I picked it up last September when the contract was up. Nice nifty phone, couldn't pass it up for the price they were going to give me for it. I still don't know how to use the camera in it or how to get ringtones but vibrate works best for me, since I am typically in a noisy environment most of the time and would miss calls if I just used a ringtone.

  7. Hi OCR, long time listener/downloader, just registered for the forums today. Thanks DJP for coming up with what a lot of people are considering close to a legit art form with the vg remixes here. My girl took a couple of the remixes to a club here (damned if I can remember which ones) and they ended up being hotly requested for a long time afterwards. Thanks again and congrats on the recent 5 year anniversary of the site!

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