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  1. 2 is great. 1 is great. 3 is great. Tried 4 but never got past the first couple of hours.

    Loved (most of) the movie. I think it's the best video-game-turned-movie -- I think the use of the original soundtrack made up 50% of the experience for me. Here's hoping this one follows suit.

    Seems we're on the level here. I've actually tried to play SH4 on several occasions, but it never grabbed my attention enough to stick it out. Same thing with Origins.

  2. I started to cry when hurley started crying. that was really, really, REALLY sad.

    It's very rare when a tv show can do that to me, but after sticking with LOST from start to finish, I've found myself getting misty-eyed on more than one occasion per episode these days...

    Powerful would be one very good word to describe this show.

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