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  1. This'd be hard. I'm mighty torn between Vana'diel and Eorzea, they're both gorgeous, plenty of places I'd love to see and experience. Azeroth is up there but maybe a bit too dangerous for me with whatever mega-villain threatening to destroy the world every year. Tamriel could be lovely, I'd prefer Skyrim or the Vvardenfel though. I'd love to see Rapture before the collapse, and of course Star Citizen's earth could be enjoyable just for the options of exploration. 

  2. Kouper#1332 hit me up on hots hearthstone wow or diablo.

    In hots I generally roll support or warrior.

    Also I disagree, I don't feel like it snowballs that quickly as it's really easy to make up levels with smart play.

  3. No, what I meant was that those games, instead of an actual hallway like XIII had, you'd have a valley with impassible mountain walls or a river, that literally corralled you from event to event till you eventually unlocked an airship and freedom. One thing I see brought up against XIII constantly is the hallways (which it is quite literally 20-30 hours of hallways) but the fact is the old games where very similar, they just hid it.

    That said I do think opening it up, even disguising it would have been far better.

  4. Ok this is a conversation that I think is permanently tinged with nostalgia. That, and Square stopped hiding how linear FF games are. What? The old FF games are linear? Well, let's have a look at FFIV. You basically go where your told until you get the airship, then you can do a minimal amount of exploring, but the "side quests" that exist don't open up till you open up the underworld a second time, you can go talk to the people but they won't start it for you. Also, there's not a whole lot to do outside of go to Eblan and try and get the giant axe outta the basement while running like a girl from much stronger monsters. Really the game disguises it's "eternal hallway" for the first 15-20 hours when it suddenly opens up, and that's if you haven't done a ton of grinding.

    FFVI? Hey look at this, there are a couple points where instead of going down one long, carefully disguised hallway, you get to choose the order of which you do 3!!! Basically the same story, this one however you get the airship a little later, lose it, then have to go through just a couple hallways to get it again, this time the game busts wide-open when you get it and the amount of content you can choose to see or skip is impressive. But still, you're a full 20ish hours away from that.

    FFVII? Hmm this last run through it took me 6 hours to get through midgar, I've played another 7 hours and the only side things I've done are get Vincent and Yuffie, However they where basically on my way through the story and outside of them there's not much to do besides back track to do an early pre-tower-defense mini-game.

    How about X? Hey look at that, 10-15 hours till you really get the world to open up.

    XIII? Well, it said, fuck this, and showed us what we've been playing, a long hallway. Only this time they decided not to disguise it and removed towns.

    Honestly I really enjoyed XIII, and I found it's combat to be the most difficult in the series and the most rewarding at the same time. I also find the intense backlash against it to be sort of hilarious, but at this point I think that's just the internet.

    Is it perfect? No, not even close. But outside of wanting to choke a whiny teenager who just watched his mother fall to her death a couple days ago, it's pretty solid. The characters are ok, a few great a few not-so much. Great music, solid gameplay.... I enjoy it.

    I still haven't played XIII-2 I think I'll order that this week.

    Just played the demo for LR:XIII-3 and I honestly love the combat and the changes to the game. I'm interested in seeing how it does. Also the dressphere like system is not bad at all.

    Oh, I guess I could point out that I really liked XI-2 as well so maybe I'm just a heretic.

  5. Huh. You'd think I would remember this. Sounds like it was mistagged (or retagged to get more downloads...)

    I actually wish I could find that track, it was a track with some music from FFX, there was a heavy didgerydoo (spelling?) like sound through out it, a touch of the crystal theme, and a female voice saying something like Ai wa i ka desu or something like that. It was definitely credited to Ailsean at the time, or a name super similar. But the one I listened to immediately after was Terra in Black, which had the same author credit.

  6. Earthbound, sure, every few playthroughs I lose my shit and a little kid beats me to my senses with my baseball bat, but overall a pretty happy peaceful place.

    Is it wrong to say Aincrad Online?

    Morrowind would be alright, as would Oblivion and Skyrim, likely wouldn't reset often because of how much play time is available.

    A solid choice would be FFXIV:ARR. Beautiful world, lots to do, doesn't reset, so far no major catastrophes destroying everything depending on where you are living.

    By the same token, FFXI, for very similar reasons.

    Mass Effect would be interesting and fun till the 3rd game, so I'd choose 1.

  7. I actually started an account here around 2001 or so. Before that, I'd been browsing Limewire or Kazaa for music and came across some final fantasy techno remix by Ailsean. IT WAS BRILLIANT! After that I started searching for Final Fantasy, Zelda, Chrono Trigger, and Mega Man remixes on the service. One of them came with a readme file that suggested I visit this website. I came, made a profile, and posted only a couple times. I moved out of country for a few years and then when I moved back I remembered the site and made a new profile since I couldn't remember the one I'd made before.

  8. Unless Sony can prove that they learned from all their mistakes with the PS3, I'm going to remain skeptical of the PS4. Their GUI was awful, the forced installation and slow boot up time for games was stupid, PSN is a joke compared to Xbox Live, and the Blu-Ray meant practically nothing to multi-platform games because all the assets were made to fit on a DVD. Some games even managed to look worse on the PS3 because it doesn't do upscaling like the 360 does. Not to mention their exclusives (with the exception of the Ico/SotC HD remake) were not my cup of tea.

    With exception of the RRoD, I've never had a problem with my Xbox 360. I enjoy Xbox Live quite a bit. The GUI is nice, and most operations are transparent rather than muddying up the screen with "I'M DOWNLOADING. NOW I'M INSTALLING. HEY ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO INSTALL THIS? SHOULD I UPDATE THIS? NO YOU CAN"T LOOK AT THE STORE BECAUSE I'M UPDATING A PIECE OF FIRMWARE YOU'LL NEVER EVER SEE."

    So let's see,

    Forced installations - Mandatory on some PS3 titles- Mandatory on ALL XBone titles.

    Blu-ray - Gave PS3 an advantage as far as extra-gaming use as well as certain exclusives remaining exclusive because of disc storage.

    Your claim about XBL being better than the PSN has nothing there to support it or state why. I'll say this, outside of me having more friends on XBL, it's not worth 10-15$ a month for what you get. Let's look at it, access to other companies servers or other players machines? Access to services such as Hulu/Netflix/hboGo that you already pay for? Access to the internet/youtube? Yep outside of voice chat those are all things I get for FREE on the ps3.

    Exclusives not being your thing is fine, Im in the same boat I only own a half dozen or so PS3 games on disc, and only a few more from PSN, the PS3 wasn't really my console of choice this gen.

    The one thing I will say you got right is the ridiculous amount of updates and firmware installs the PSN does.

  9. Microsoft says that the kinect isn't data mining if you don't want it to, sounds legit

    I wonder if Verizon's contracts also had a similar privacy statement :roll:

    Yes, yes they do.

  10. Back when i joined I just used the name Coop, as my real name is Cooper. Someone here already had Coop as a name, so I decided to play off of a joke I always told about ho wmy parents where crazy and actually named me Cupernikus and Cooper was short for it. I changed it to a K. BAM OCR name. however in most places online I go by Kouper.

    I should point out that my original account here was made sometime in 99/2000 but I can't remember the account name/password so I lost it.

  11. Here's why I watch dubs, most japanese voices irritate the hell out of me. Especially women and children with how high pitch and screechy they get. Throw in the fact I'd rather be able to just watch and enjoy the show as opposed to reading the whole thing. Yes not all shows have the super high pitch voices and screechy over the topness, stein's gate was just fine as was sword art online and a few others, but generally I'd rather have it in english. At the end of the day not being super familiar with japanese, not knowing how they speak normally I can't say that they're voice acting is done well. I have no context to compare it to. When it's a show that originally aired in Cantonese, I can tell you how that works out because I speak Cantonese fluently and I can tell when things sound forced.

  12. Ill be buying a wiiU for one reason, and one reason alone, EARTHBOUND. Ya I dig the first party nintendo games, but I hardly ever play them. Any chance to support earthbound and in some vain hope influence them into bringing Mother and Mother 3 to the US I will happily do.

  13. gameplay trailers were released earlier this year. can we stop calling it vaporware?

    Ya, they where released, and then we have multiple big conventions and opportunities for SE to say anything at all from it and we get a tech demo, a sequel to a different FFXIII game, another part of the FFXIII "trio" renamed out of the trio, we get an update to one of the most poorly launched MMO's ever, and more mobile games, run on sentences, and no info at all on versus. Not quite vaporware, but it's getting there.

  14. I don't think Trundle's damage output is that high... it's decent, but all single-target and based on auto attacks. Don't get me wrong, I think he's a great champ and probably one of the most balanced around. But I don't think of him as high DPS compared to champs like Riven, Renekton or Lee Sin. He is definitely a tank/initiator/ganker.

    Trundle can have some surprisingly nasty burst. He's by far my favorite champ, and I actually have a pretty killer (in my not so humble opinion) guide I've written for him. But I do like trundle as a solo top more than a jungler.

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