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  1. Man I really like this game, but I can never seem to get into a guild that doesn't fall apart after a week or so, so I went guildless for a while. Then people wouldn't leave me alone, so I made something like 'leave me alone'. But I have 4 [3 are lv20] guys in various stages of Propgecies and one in nightfall [no factions or me]

    I will probably be doing nightfall for most of the time, using Alexi Asleh but if you need prophecies help, just PM me.

  2. Halo and the 360 just don't agree with each other, not online anyway. I'll just keep my original ready just in case someone catchs me online and requests some halo action.

    It should work, I play Halo 2 online with my 360 all the time and its fine. I actually prefer it because of the widescreen support. You've downloaded the xbox emulator update for the 360 and all that right? If that's all done it should work quite smoothly. Its about the only backwards compatible xbox game which actually works without bugs.


    I did try it and while it does singleplayer just fine, it gives multiplayer a Mushmouth voice filter that can't be turned off.

    As I said, I will keep the original plugged in and ready for an AV cableswap whenever I am requested on Halo.

  3. I think so.

    Lemme check.


    Now if I can just get used to the black/white buttons being totally different, I'd stop turning on the flashlight instead of throwing grenades.

    Some singleplayer should solve that problem.

    EDIT:: Nope.

    Halo and the 360 just don't agree with each other, not online anyway. I'll just keep my original ready just in case someone catchs me online and requests some halo action.

  4. [stuff about AC3]

    Its only marginally difficult if you decide to bring in a friendly AC to help out, but if you...

    Yea, that thing was a paiWHAT


    I knew I should have read the instruction manual. :(

    ...actually, the toughest thing for me in AC3 was the silly control scheme they kept from when analog sticks didn't exist.

    I would think 'Strafe right!'

    My fingers agreed 'Strafe right!'

    And a giant robot would look down, as if contemplating touching his toes.

  5. When in high school, we would occasionally have parties with all sorts of gaming and food and dammit I want to do that again.

    Anyway, there was always the Halo corner, the 2 PS2 guys, and the Cube corner, plus some Starcraft guys [this was a computer programming class mind you], but that another matter entirely. I would always play some Halo, then get bored of dying to the absloute perfection that was Tucker and Patrick [i think], then play some Smash with the cube guys. When I played smash, I was untouchable. Literally. Samus doesn't take prisoners.

    My favorite moments have to include the only time someone wanted to go one on one with me. I went as Fox and they were Ganondorf. They were in the air about 90% of the time and I took a total of about 40 damage by the round end 5 minutes later [time match].

  6. YAY.

    After some delay, I got a cord. I just hope it will be long enough to get where I need it.

    I may be on tonight, and maybe tomorrow, and if there is a semi-organized event this weekend, I'll be there.

    Without wireless.

    *glares at metrion*

    happy now?

    And about the recent promotions...

    Maybe now we can use those staff/overlord badges Wespip made way back when, now that we have more than one of each position filled.


    Found 'em.


  7. :insert fancy gif of 'penis!' flashing here, created in MSPaint:



    See, I'm just too lazy to get an image hosting account to upload my gif's I make in flash... Otherwise you'd see PENIS! with a little dancing person next to it.



    I hope to borrow a cord from work, so I may be on tonight doing something more useful than making flashing penises(peni?)!

  8. Guild Wars has been busy consuming my waking hours, but I'm getting tired of looking for a group and getting spammed by people selling shit on local chat, not in barter where it belongs. I think I'll take a break and get back into Halo. And besides, the computer hooked up to the projector [that I played GW on, ironically] just fried its power supply, so I'll get big screen Halo action!



    I forgot that I get on Live through said fried computer.

    I'll have to hope my laptop is up to the task...

    EDIT:: Nope. SP2 fucked up network sharing beyond recognition. Sorry guys, I'll just have to hope that when I get a new power box GW isn't something I think about.

  9. We're in the top 2500 teams!

    And I'm only 10 points away from you, you lazy bum. Tell your computer to get to work. :P

    I have to turn off my computer overnight due to power concerns in this house.

    Yeah, something's up with my power bill too. It was like $300 more than normal this month for some reason. And the weird thing is, that's been the case with a LOT of people that I know too. Hmmmm.......

    Huh, ours went up too, but only about $40.


    Oil crisis!

    Triple click here to blame it on Bush!

  10. How the f did I get into first place??? :P

    Must be from having 75% of my torrent machine/file storage system's 2.4ghz processor working on it. Yay for dedicated servers!

    Also, I may be getting a 'reject' computer from work, fixing it up and giving it to my mom with this software on as the screensaver! Another 2ghz computer to add to the pile!

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