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  1. Someone start the Tetrisphere Trance party!

    I'm saddened to see this game overlooked... some creepy songs, some upbeat, others on who knows what kind of drugs.

    Specific interests...

    Learn (


    Spooky Baby (


    SkankBowlFight (


    anyone interested? LOL

  2. Go us! There were some good tunes in this game for sure... I'd like to see anything at all come out of it.

    Everything on the soundtrack reminds me of Kirby or Mega Man. You could probably make a good tune mixing elements of both games.

    Ohhhh, maybe I'll just use this as a creative influence and start remixing my own music LOL

  3. I had this funny idea that someone in favor of happy hardcore or other spastic electronica might want to remix the Ushi Rodeo stage theme. I would love to see other contributions from this game, there are a ton of rock themes that would also be super fun.

    Someone remix this game! Pleeeease ;D It isn't even listed as an existing game on ocremix. Help!

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