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  1. There's a weird-ass Wii and Playstation 2 game called The Dog Island. It's like Zelda for babies and all the characters are puppies. I think the only reason this game doesn't have a cult following is because it got lost among the casual games about ponies and kitties. But this game is much much different than that.

    The music in this game is cute and always use the same instruments so after a while it becomes really annoying. But some of it was nice. I like the one in the mountain, here's a link to a video. Just watch it, there is literally no game as adorable as this and I DARE YOU to find one.

    Here's the music in question:

    This game deserves a cult following and you can help. Of course you don't care about it. No one does.

  2. This used to be my favorite song of the Kirby CD, but over time I've grown to like "Generalized Vegetal - Theme of Star General" and "Aviator Soul - Theme of Great Ace" more. But this is still one of my favorites and is very well done..

    Actually, I like those three the same! It's just that this one used to be my favorite. Very good, justlike everything else in "Rise of the Star". I even printed the cover :ocrgreen:

  3. Awesome. Some 2-3 years ago I was making a game (get it here: http://www.chispito.com/~guio/Ram/HQ.zip ) and I needed some midi music... So I find this really good tune for a game called "Human Race" that I've never heard of before.. So I decided to use it..

    And that's the same song that's remixed here, it's wonderful! Anyway, I don't know about the technical aspects of the song, but it's good, I'll keep listening to it even if I had never heard the "original" before.

  4. I'm struggling to recognise which piece this is from final doom, it sounds familiar though so I'll have to have a listen through. I'm assuming it's This Piece? (Ogg format)

    Sounds like it.

    Anyway, this is a great addition to my collection. Thanks! Also: Thanks for not making it sound too much like the original since the original is not too much fun.. I LOVE Final Doom (TNT Evilution specially) and I would be very happy if you make another one. Go for the 4th!!! (Map 20 in TNT-Evilution is nice) :wink:

  5. Why make winter themed music in the summer!? :gonk:

    The southern hemisphere? Where Tango came from and this song sounds pretty tangoish so it's very apropiate. ;)

    And yes, it's a very good one. After getting my Megaman Anniversary collection game I got to play the "other" megaman games and appart from the SNES and PSX ones they're all good. Yes, they are and they have neat music. Love Chargeman and Waveman's theme plus Flameman but we already have a good remix for that one.


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