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  1. This is incredible. Took me a while to realize it wasn't live.

    I was little confused at first when the song started, because I hadn't expected to hear music from SML. The writeup doesn't mention it and nowhere on the page does it say this remix contains music from any other game than SMB (other than the songs list, which don't say anything about which games the songs are from, only the song names). The name of this thread, however, lists all the games. Weird.

    Anyway, back on topic, awesome job. :nicework::nicework::nicework:

    Yea, threw me off also thinking that too.

    Great song, awesome work

  2. I'm with Dark_T_Zeratul on this one. Alundra is an awesome game, and had some very good music scored to it. I don't think I'm hearing it properly right now (my friend is playing ssbm on the tv next to me) so I'll listen in and post my thoughts. What I can hear it sounds like you're watching the adventure this time instead of going through it.

    EDIT: A more appropriate review this time after listening it in for a better time.

    The piece starts off nicely, and then at :42 the timpani seems to give the piece a more definate "backbone" to the music. Nice job with the winds and strings coming together (intertwining)during and after this part. Again with the timpani's at 1:39 but the increased tempo does help move the piece along, into 2:26 where the snares do a nice job mixing up the piece to hook the listener back in.

    Although for me, the piece seems to play certain parts the same way as your going along (can't put a better word for this). It feels a bit repetetive at the end, dragging it down a bit.

    Good job on this piece, it's very well done.

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