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  1. Any chance one of you eejits could make me a bastardin' good sig?

    Got two pics here you can crop from, any would do (although a mix of both would be great) and if you just write Jaunty on it or somethin' I'll be singin' yer praises.



    Ta in advance for anyone who puts time into this!

  2. Well, since I finally got round to signing up, I better introduce myself.

    My name is Stuart, I'm 21 and I'm posting from over here in rain drenched Scotland. I've been surfing and downloading from this site for about 6 months now but I've never got round to registering till now. I know I should've done it earlier but something kept me from doing so. The topic sizes.

    I mean, this topic alone is about 64 pages long and I've seen a few at 100+ pages! There's even one in General that's 150+ pages long, which is just plain scary.

    Anyway, I have overcame that fear and am here now. I'm not a remixer yet but I'm slowly learning about it. As a guitarist music is a big part of my life and I plan on doing some mixing at some point, but for now I'm just enjoying the amazing (and I mean amazing) arrangements that this site has to offer. There are so many equisite, professional and original pieces here that sometimes I feel like I should be paying someone some money for this.

    It's the amount of variety though, (I remember the first time I used Ormgas, I was a while into it and was getting slightly bored after the third drawn-out-orchestral-piece-from-an-RPG-I've-never-played in a row and then Shael Riley's 'The Music of my Groin' came on and I laughed my arse off) that keeps me coming back.

    Just to give whoever's reading this an idea on what my tastes in music are like, I'll post my top 5 OCRemixes that I've heard so far.

    In no particular order:

    Wanta Phanta ~ analoq

    Fight On! ~ CarboHydroM

    Ocarina Boogie ~ The Black Lodge

    Deserted Industry ~ Beatdrop

    Brinstar(DreamsinRed) ~ Children of the Monkey Machine, Beatdrop, K. Praslowicz

    Ok, well I feel like I've said enough for now so I'll leave it at that. I hope the length of this post doesn't keep people from reading it, but I guess it's a piece of cake for 165 page topic veterans.

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