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  1. Every once in a while I stop checking OCRemix for a month or two. It absolutely made my day when I come back and see a site project that I had no idea existed be released. I'm also glad I wasn't aware of the project, or the anticipation would have killed me

    I'll discuss the songs in-depth after I have listened to the album all the way through a couple times (just started the 3rd disc now). All in all though, I can safely say that I am extremely happy with the results, and can add a few more remixers names to my favorites list.

    I don't think this project has gotten nearly enough appreciation yet, thank you to all who were involved.


    On an aside note---

    Mr. Snappleman/Jack Meoff, not exactly sure why I find your signature as funny as I do, but the first time I saw it I laughed my ass off, and I still "chuckle" (for lack of a better word) every time I see it.

  2. I never played any of the metroids before Metroid Prime, as I grew up on Sonic via the Sega Genesis, but after hearing Teardrinker I wound up tracking down all of The Wingless's titles, something only Star Salzman had made me do up to this point.

    I lack any and all knowledge of making remixes or the sounds involved, but I get completely lost in it. The phrase "Time flies when you're having fun" applies in a sense here, it's hard to believe the song is just shy of 5 minutes, as im completely entranced by this song.

    I don't know if it's the genre, the quality, the original game track, or a mix of 2 or all 3, and frankly I don't care, but this song has got me looking for music that follows this particular genre, just not sure where to look other than OCRemix :wink:

    I consider myself priviledged to have come across this song, I imagine it'll be on my favorites playlist for some time.

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