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    Runners-Up: Barnsalot & darklink42

    1st Place: Imagery

    Votes were cast as follows:

    Barnsalot: 4

    darklink42: 4

    Imagery: 8

    just64helpin: 2

    - - - - - - - - - -

    I want to apologize for the long delay, and the radio silence. It was rude of me to make you wait as long as you did, and with no communication. Having 20 credit hours this term has swamped me much more than I expected, and I honestly haven't even been online much in the last few weeks.

    As I can foresee no slowing down of my life in the next year or so, I will not be hosting any more competitions. It is simply too time-consuming for me to maintain. I don't know if anyone is willing to take over for me full-time, or if you will just share the responsibility, but I trust that the writing competitions won't end as long as there is still a community here.

    Again, I apologize for the poor handling of this last comp, and I wish you all the best in the future. Also, I will try to get some sig badges for you next week.

  2. I have actually thought about making one of these multiple times. Never got around to it, though.

    Mine was basically a toolbar that let you search for mixes, bookmark mixes you like, etc. I don't really know how useful anything like this would be, though. Actually, a built-in player for ormgas would be pretty slick.

  3. This is a somewhat related question: does anyone know if there is any special method or whatever to singing/screaming harshly without shredding your vocal cords? I've always wondered how some metal/screamo etc. bands can scream like demons and then right afterwards sing normally.

  4. Final Fantasy 7. The funny thing is, I hadn't ever played it, but a friend gave me the MIDI rip of 'Those Who Fight Further', which quickly became one of my favorite songs. From there, I found myself a MIDI rip of the entire game (which I still have), and enjoyed that for a while. Later, I was browsing SingingFish (R.I.P.), and came up with a song from OCRemix - I don't remember which.

    And here I am.

  5. J. C. Denton. Because I'm obviously a nanotechnologically augmented secret agent in the employ of a United Nations task force created ostensibly for the purpose of being able to combat global terrorism when in fact I'm merely a pawn for a power-mad cabal of technophiles who seek to use the augmentation architecture to turn themselves into living Universal Constructors that they might rule the world by becoming literal gods with the power to see build or do anything.

    And I fucking dare you to say that all in one go.

    Done. Albeit quietly. Not that hard really, just take a deep breath and talk fast.

    And I have no clue what character I am.

  6. I'd say _slightly_ better, mostly because there are fewer places where you fall into bottomless pits a billion times. Oh, and the travelling is actually a good time -- I wasn't bored with the stylus games until the very end when I was looking for a few things.

    Good, they fixed my biggest issue with the first. That and the ridiculous story.

  7. Sonic Rush Adventure is great so far -- the only thing I don't like is that you're forced to replay levels every once in awhile. Still, it's a great game, which is something I haven't said about a Sonic sequel in a long time.

    Question: is it better than Sonic Rush, or just on par?

  8. I hate telling people happy birthday. It's like saying "well, I don't think about you any other time of the year, but since today is the anniversary of your birth I will wish you well." What could possibly be more lame.

    So instead, have a great day, just like every other day.

    God bless.

  9. Okay guys, at this point, it's getting crowded on the male singers side. We have more than enough now, so I think that before I put any more male singers on the list, I'm going to need a sample of work. I gotta be critical, though, so don't feel bad if I reject you. I really just DO NOT WANT too many cooks in the kitchen. If you're on the list now, fine. but otherwise, you're gonna have to show me something special.

    You can drop me from the vocals list, unless needed. Like I said, recording is an issue for me anyway.

    If you, for some reason, really need a lower-range baritone singer (I doubt it), you can always check out my website for some vocal samples.

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