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  1. Damn... I mean... yikes.

    This is great. If you're mulling over downloading this one, stop right now, and start listening to it before you read another word.

    It's broad and sweeping, yet intricately detailed. It is full of feeling, and dripping with expression. I kind of remember the original music... I never played the game much. Sound technology of the systems of the tiime taken into consideration, but if the music had sounded like this, I would have stuck it out through the game.

    Since I've been coming to OCR, this update is probably my favorite ever, and this piece is a large part of that. I cannot praise it highly enough.


  2. Excellent piece. Very excellent. I love the classical guitar anyway, though.

    This is how the aquatic theme was meant to be played. It flows along, all the while with a sense of... remoteness. Like being removed from the world on land, and looking at it while leisurely padddling through water.

    Darkesword- That's weird. I had the same kind of thought about it... with the gondolas, I mean. Well, similar at least. This piece/arrangement really reminds me of the Third Man theme.(Set in Vienna, but it's the same continent. :¬) If you haven't heard that song yet, give a look for it. It's by Anton Karas.

    Ryan8bit- reminds me of your Crystalis remix. Really like that one too.

    Lakilelet- <pun blatant=yes>you're all wet</pun>. Besides, if you want to lose the "crack" redownload. At least give it a try uninterrupted.

    After this one, I'm looking forward to the next brad smith submission.

  3. This is one of my very favorite remixes. Brilliantly arranged and executed. It's appearing in my playlist quite a bit, too.

    Ryan8bit- love it. would love to hear more like it.

    The lack of drums doesn't detract from the "feeling of confidence." It's actually really nice to find a piece where the remixer was confident enough not to add a drum track. I detect no lack of confidence here. It is as great as it aspires to be, and achieves the mood it aspires to as well.

    As to the ending- on the first listen, it did sound a bit abrupt, but after a few repeat listenings, it really does sound like it fits.

  4. Be Afraid. Be VERY afraid.

    I first heard this a day or two ago... when I was really tired... scared the sh*t out of me. After catching up on sleep, I had to listen to it again to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. I'm glad(and afraid) to say I wasn't.

    The computer vocals are awesome. They make the piece, and he deserves some kind of medal for pulling it off. The music behind the voice is good too, but it is only with the vocals on top that the Final Fantasy acid trip that is this remix takes off. I'm torn between the impulse to stand up and cheer, and the impulse to run down the street screaming.

    Well done. :¬)


  5. First off: this one isn't to my taste. Really well done, but it stutters off and on too much at times for me. The stuff in between the stutters is gold though. The track is almost worthy of two versions- stutter and non-stutter. :¬)

    About halfway through the first listen I realized what the stutters reminded me of- a cheat in the original MegaMan game(and, coincidentally, the only way I beat that gold-golemish boss). the cheat played off the "game freeze" pause that the select button activated. Elecman's weapon would hit the enemy it was over once each time the game was unpaused like this. It froze the music in much the same way as in this track...

    Second(third?) thing that impressed me- if I'm not much mistaken, the voice bits(most of them anyway) were sampled from the megaman cartoon show(and man, that's a trip too). Twas nice. :¬)

    I guess I do actually like it... I just don't think I could listen to it repeatedly. Worth at least one listen... just stick it out through the stops.


  6. Oh... my...

    I listened to this once... well, actually I listened to the first couple seconds, audibly said "what the heck"(hrm... might not have been heck either) and restarted it. Listened to it all the way through, pushed my jaw closed, and said "I just don't know."

    I DO know that after my third listen I'm still smiling.... and laughing. This is my first review... and my first post. I was planning on making my first review on another remix, but this one is just so darn impressive, that I had to do it here.

    It is utterly disjointed, yet completely cohesive. In spite of its jumpiness, at no time does it even stutter, or feel unnatural. It's like a little bit of a musical hersheys bar... so full of chocolatey happy goodness that you just can't help but smile listening to it. This one is definately going into my rotation. Very Highly recommended.

    (Edit: I've heard of that game... but I've always heard it called "telephone")


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