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  1. Mega Man 2 'Airman WindShear'

    I really like this mix. It's not much more than the NES track (only really beefed up) but it sounds great...

    ditto. i mean, this is how this song should b, made almost like its NSF conterpart but adding some tidbits, like the big bass, synths and such. i heard it and was blown by the bass hits. definatly a classic here. A/E has done some pretty badass hits but i think this is one of his best. and I AM saying this because i am a big MegaMan fan.

  2. damn, and how long has it been since someone posted about this song? lol, my bad yall. anyways, damn starla, everything about this song screams perfection on this. like so many of the OCRers on here said, the intro was like, WTF? this is crazy, but then again it matches what the game starts out with. and then when it hits the techno beat, fuck, man. i couldnt belive how catchy it is. the tempo was just right for a high paced, non stop action sort of game. i will say this, IF there is a MegaMan Movie #2 based on MegaMan 2, this should b the opening intro (but only if the movie was animated). but of course it should be extended for studio purposes and credits. but damn girl, this song rocks. i have this as my first in my MP3 Player and i rock out to it as often as i possibly can. it would b a great addition to the MegaMan soundtrack for the movie. can i get an AMEN my fellow OCRs??