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  1. Yo! Noid was one of my favorite NES games as a child. I loved it dearly, and still have it.

    I also love The Lion King on the SNES. I don't care that it's a licensed sidescroller, it's tight. It has some great visuals, good music, and a wonderfully creative take on the events of the movie. That, and it's pretty tough.

  2. As a trombonist, I can tell you that your trombone samples don't sound quite right. They sound like a euphonimum player trying to emulate a trombone's sound. The sound of your sample is a bit too.. cool. A slightly warmer, harsher sound, especially on the 8th note runs would make them sound worlds better. As a reference point for the style I mean, listen to Al Grey. He has a hot and firey trombone sound. That kind of sound would really match your trumpet samples. What you have right now for the trombone samples sounds sort of like J.J. Johnson (the best jazz trombonist ever, who had all sorts of triple tounging skills for the coolest cleanest sound ever). However, that sound does not match up with your trumpet samples.

    Also, adding a bass trombone is a FANTASTIC idea (I'm a jazz bass trombonist as well. It's such a great instrument, and it really is unappreciated. However, playing it makes finding work easy.). Just make sure that it doesn't sound like a tuba. In jazz, the bari sax, bass bone, and stand up bass form their own section much of the time, and mirror eachothers parts. Work that in there, and it will sound hip and hot.

    All that aside, excellent work thus far. I enjoy listening to this WIP a lot, and would love to see how far you can take it.

  3. Thanks for the advice, all. Tommorow, I'm going to look at the school audio equipment. If it isn't up to snuff, I'll save up.

    The other project I'm working on is a jazz mix of the rocketbelt BGM from the original SNES Pilotwings. The solo is of course played by trombone (I love my trombone) and accompanied by piano and set. I think that one will be easier to get off the ground, as I don't have to deal with another brass player.

  4. Small means I can go upwards of $100-150 at the max.

    I don't think I'll be touching the vocals either, but you never know. It all depends on how well I can end up recording auido. I don't want the voices to sound like crap, and have sound quality count against me. If I ever end up doing a vocal mix, it'll be totally accapella, because I'm a crazy man.

    And while there aren't enough mixes of the Aria, there are almost too many FFVI mixes. I feel dirty for wanting to put another on the site.

  5. I think my school does have a means to record audio, I'm just worried about the quality of said equipment. Getting access to it shouldn't be a problem, I'm in jazz.

    The mix is a brass duet of Aria Di Mezzo Carraterre from Final Fantasy VI (sigh, I know, another one, but what can I say, I love the game).

    I also have a few others in the works, but I'm keeping those under wrap until a later date.

  6. Hello all. Now, I have a mix that's just about ready, but there's one little problem.

    It's all live sound.

    I have no serious audio recording equipment. I'm a high school student, on a small budget. I need to be able to record live.

    These are the instruments it'll need to be able to pick up (* denotes something still in question):




    Bass Guitar*

    Standing Bass*

    MAYBE a vocalist, but porbably not.

    Any suggestions? The most probable final instrument list is: 1 trombone, 1 trumpet, and set.

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