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  1. This remix isn't anything that special, I don't know what you guys are talking about. I mean, when I hear a remix, I expect to hear something that totally changes the original song and makes it something amazing. Example: The 5 second Gato song was turned into a 5 minute song.

    Here we have an already great song being edited around. If the original was better, then how is this deemed so great?

    It's still good, because it must've taken the creator some effort to make the slight changes to the song, but I still say this isn't so noteworthy of praise as other songs that completely revamp SNES themes.

  2. Ahaha Rust Tyrano!! Ever heard of Ruby Rings? Sold in 65mil BC? Yeah, put 3 of those on and Rust Tyrano just takes a little while, but otherwise you'll kick his ass. There's a difference between getting your ass kicked when you know what you're doing, and getting your ass kicked when you don't know what you're doing.

    I haven't really played much of the old games, just about everything in Bof1 was mega hard, I hated how I got the bosses down to the little red life bar, and I had to do like 5x the damage to bring it down there to kill it.

    I guess a good mention would be Yunalesca, she was pretty hard to me. Hardest boss in FFX ( I didn't find the final aeon very hard since I got a lot of opportunity to easily prepare for it. )

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