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  1. I think that the whole "no credits" issue is one of those things that's more of a "cause" than an actual problem with the game. I mean, if they took out an extra scene or feature along with the credits, then I can somewhat see the point.

    But credits? C'mon. Yes, it's crappy that the original people who developed the game don't get the recognition and it's completely for a B.S. reason but realistically... was anyone going to sit there and read 3 minutes worth of Japanese names after completing a game, even in the unlikely scenario that you might even know some of those people? Does anyone really care who the lead battle programmer or the 5th texture artist is?

    Yeah, I know, it's the principle. But jeez, making a big deal about it as if it were a missing feature is kinda ridiulous.

    I'd quicker blast the game's blur problems or questionable control than bitch about missing credits...

    Dude, you should watch the actual credits before posting about them, they're not your traditional crappy ass credits. They're ace, with a nice jpop song to boot (an awesome one in fact) and of course, the extra scene after it.

  2. ?

    Then what the hell did I watch after starting my file for the first time?

    well there's definitely no credits which is dumb. and it's ironic how they took out the credits cuz of the logo of the clover studies but they have the logo of IGN on the front cover? the team responsible for porting this great PS2 title are a complete joke.

  3. yeah dont get the Wii version, it's vastly inferior. the filters are whack compared to the vibrant PS2 version, but most of all, the Wii version HAS NO prologue scene or CREDITS.

    so when u beat this amazing game, you'll have no credits to show for it (yes they're important cause there's a little scene after it, the credits themselves are awesome. and of course, having a prologue is better than not having one)

    in conclusion: You want the PS2 version.

  4. you did it again Malcos, your music is the shit, and not the bad kind either!! :P

    you're one of my favourite music composers/producers whatever, right up there with the greats in the VG biz (you know who they are!)

    can't wait to listen to your vocal stuff man, and again, excellent stuff.

  5. 8O

    Wow, has it really been three months?

    Er, I really need to get to finishing this. I get a one-week break from my 55 hour work weeks before school starts up again; I'll see what I can do.

    PS: Note the name change, too. No more Miszou. :razz:

    Damn straight u better finish this. Dont leave this masterpeice unfinished like that dude who made an anwesome jazz mix for Frog's Theme but never completed it!! *cries!!*

  6. lol!! "Whatever you say, man." Psycho Mantis used such casual words?? haha lol.

    Funny stuff man. Especially how they keep interrupting eachother. Do more man, with other characters!! :)

    Nice British accent man, says you're from texas. You sure you werent brought up in england??

    Only bad thing I can say is while you nailed the accent the voice doesnt sound anything like Liquid. But man, you gotta do more of this stuff. /thumbs up

  7. Thanks for the PM man, and all these additional links (including the torrent)

    Can't wait to check out what I've been missing for all these years. I will catch up on a couple years worth of great music in about a week :) (I hope)

  8. damn I was expecting some action-packed track. HL2 (original) had two very exceptional bits of music, if blends with the action so well, it's unbelievable.

    Anyway this is very relaxing... I should put it on my MP3 right now as I am going to sleep in literally 10mins. (only my right ear-peice works though :() Were u going for that soothing feel? I like it though. *Insert thumbs-up smiley here*

  9. Yay!

    Edit - K, after listening to some of it, im not really feelin' it too much - but this is still a cool project none the less. SF has some of the coolest VG music around!

    Also, the Balrog music had tons of potential. :( its still decent though :) but the best remix so far has to be Cammy's stage - it's really neat! the best cammy (and only cammy remix) I actually like lol. I never thought out of this whole project, Cammy's remix would be the one for me... but there ya go :lol:

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