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  1. Personally, I've always felt WindWaker did a great job bringing multidimensional personalities to the table, particularly with Ganondorf. In that aspect, it even trumps SS, since the villain was, once again, evil just for the sake of being evil. Windwaker made Ganondorf into a wonderfully sympathetic villain. Finally, we were shown some of his motives for striving to take over Hyrule. On top of that, the thousands of years locked away seemed to have done him well, to the point where he was far less ruthless, and willing to let Link and Zelda live, so long as he got his dream. To me, WW made the player feel a sense of regret at finally killing Ganondorf, a sentiment that Zelda games have yet to replicate.

    I definitely agree with Wind Waker. Wind Waker gave a face and a personality to child Link. Skyward Sword got the job done for adult Link. Both gave a fresh approach to who Zelda is, that she is a regular person who learns she encompasses something greater, rather than other Zeldas where she is a Jesus figure from the get go.

    Okay, I didn't mean to pull the conversation too far away from SS.

  2. Lanayru was the best part of the game IMO. The "time travelling" mechanics there were so cool and beautiful looking. I loved the little robots too.
    I think that the characters in the game were a breath of fresh air. Groose was absolutely menacing, but by the end I couldn't help but love 'em. My lady still thinks that Princess Zelda is quote "a total bitch" for pushing Link off near the beginning of the game, but I think this iteration of her is very likeable. She's always seemed more standoff in other games.

    Both of you hit the nail on the head IMO. Timeshift Stones were brilliant and it's nice to see Link and the other characters finally have personality--multidimensional personalities at that. Zelda is finally relatable and down-to-earth and no longer just a legend or the being placed on a Jesus pedestal you have to play the entire game to get to. Skyward Sword was a step in the right direction for the series. I hope the next Zelda builds even further on it!

  3. Watching Death Note now (on episode 6). Moving through it ever so slowly as I'm too busy with playing video games and making YouTube videos.

    Elfen Lied and Naruto are ones I started but never finished. Tried to get into Bleach and failed.

  4. Okay, I'll give it a shot. I picked Chrono Trigger.

    1) one will be directed towards another big fan of the game

    It's been about 3 years since I last finished the game but I remember this sound well. I believe it was the track to go with exploring a dungeon or area and if so, I recall it giving me an uneasy feeling of what I will encounter in the next battle. Did I heal up my characters enough? Is everyone leveled up enough? Has everyone been given the right equipment? Did I miss a major weapon for Crono or Frog in the last area? I also love how this tune kept the air of the old-school RPG--simple sound yet complex in its storytelling and emotions.

    2) another will be directed at a typical person in the game music community (someone familiar with the sights, sounds, and people of game music)

    Did you play Chrono Trigger? It had a great shelf life; I played it on my DS when it was re-released in 2008. It was an experience like none other and this track captures it well. It's the tune that goes with you exploring an area, a forest for example. With the technology in the early 90s, this track did a great job of layering different sounds to give an air of instability yet tranquility when exploring an area.

    3) the last will be directed at someone who is unfamiliar with anything game music related

    If there was a game that shocked me unlike any other, it was Chrono Trigger. You spent the game traveling through different time periods to stop the end of the world. In every era, you learn something new about the grand scheme of the game, which keeps you intrigued throughout this lengthy saga. I won't give it away, but this track will give you a good idea. It's what you hear when you're exploring an area, a dark forest for example. You don't know what's coming next and you're not sure if you're prepared. You might meet a few easy enemies. You might battle a tough boss. Or you might lose some very close friends in the battle. Give it a listen!

    Shot into the dark a bit there. Hope that helps.

  5. you poor unfortunate soul

    Wind Waker was one of my favorites. Now I'm going to leave this thread because I am not finished Skyward Sword yet. I'm only in the Earth Temple (yeah I'm disgustingly far behind) and I'm pretty sure I'm about to find out the princess is in another castle...

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