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  1. Haha yeah. I like to keep it tidy.

    Haven't talked to you in a while, prophet. Those speakers would be the x530's. They're a pretty decent 5.1 surround sound system. I'm pretty sure they're not great for monitoring, but they sound nice :F

    The keyboard in question does have a pitch bend over on the left of it. It's the Yamaha DGX-620. Josh C. Agarrado also happens to have the same keyboard. (The guy that arranges tons of anime music for piano lol)

  2. Yeah, I haven't done any extra adjustments to the truss rod in several months - I'm just saying that last time I checked it was already fairly tight and I didn't want to overdo things. I'll probably just end up waiting this weather out and taking it to a luthier in a month or so. Thanks.

  3. Alright, I was considering just taking it to a luthier once this dry weather clears up and getting them to fix things. I figured it was the neck, because the relief is ridiculously low.. doing a quick test by fretting pretty much every string at the first and 14th-ish fret leaves virtually no gap. The truss rod has also been tightened just last month to the point where it's very tight and probably wouldn't turn anymore. If I'm correct, this might have sent the neck into a back bow, which is what's giving me troubles.

  4. I figured I would ask here in case any of the guitar players knew what was up with my acoustic... been getting some really ugly buzzing and notes not playing the way they should..

    I should start by saying it gets pretty dry here during the winter. I've tried to keep it humidified well but it's likely that this problem was caused by dryness. I'm using a relatively heavy gauge set of strings too. Anyways, I'll attach an audio file, but this is basically what's happening. Notes sound perfect when playing open frets (with the exception of the low E, if I pluck excessively hard - not a real problem). Whenever I fret basically any note however, except on the low A string I get one of two things:

    1) On the low end of the neck, especially on the higher strings I get a rattling, tinny sound to the notes.

    2) Even worse, on most of the strings towards the 11th/12th fret and on, they don't even sound normally, and when fretted lightly, will play the same note regardless of me moving up the neck. You can kind of hear this in the recording, after the chords. Especially bad on the high and low E string.

    It's not an issue with finger strength or even the new heavier gauge I think, because this only surfaced in the past month or so, and I got these strings in the fall. Does anybody know what's up? Help would be much appreciated.


  5. Hey, thanks for the comments and critiques. I'll try to address some of those now..

    As for the arrangement, I know there's really very little going on, I even stated so myself. I guess I wanted to stay close to the original material a little too much.

    As for the weak sounds you mentioned, OA. I can kind of understand that, heh. I always get comments about my drums being weak, though I'm really not too sure what I can do to make them more "powerful" as you put it.

    The panning was intentional... I had something different in mind when I started out on the song but scrapped that idea and I left the panning in there by accident :/ I've fixed that intro part since then and a few other channel's panning.

    Anyways, with all that said, I'm not so sure I'll be revisiting this particular remix. Most likely what I'll do is take the criticisms from here, work on fixing these types of errors/weak parts, and work on another remix from the ground up.

  6. Alright, so I just finished up both the Phoenix Wright games on DS and figured I'd mess around with some of the songs. I won't even pretend this is a good remix though (yet, anyways), mostly because there are issues with over-compression and very little actual arranging going on, not to mention it's my first time trying out this kind of music.


    If you've got any suggestions for it I'll try fixing this up a bit.


    (The intro is Nick's cell phone ringtone :P)

  7. Well, I turned the keyboard volume down, and the speaker volume up, and that got rid of any clipping, but now, since the only thing making it loud is the speakers, if I record, then turn my speakers back down to a normal volume, the recording is going to be very quiet. I guess I'll have to simply up the volume as much as a can with the actual waveform?

    Oh, and about the Soundlbaster card... Heh. Unfortunately I bought that before really looking into things. I'll see about getting something better for recording later on.

  8. I could have done that, because I actually had an add-on that was 1/4" made for that purpose, but I found a cord for only $8 that works just fine.

    Although, there are a few things I'm just a bit curious about. If I hit too many keys, too fast, and too loud, the sound almost sort of... well, it gets fuzzy and scratchy, as if it were about to clip. Is this just my crappy not-meant-for-production Audigy 2 ZS card doing this? Another thing... the volume is pretty quiet. Same thing goes for when I plug a mic directly into the soundcard, it either records/plays quietly, and in the mic's case, you have to be very loud, and at a close range for it to pick anything up. My mic is an Apex 170, cardiod condenser, if you need to know. Thanks.

  9. Alright, so I've searched the forums a bit, and all I could find were topics dealing with hooking up electric guitars into the soundcard to record. I have MIDI in and MIDI out already, but now, I'm trying to record (through the soundcard) in order to use the samples on the keyboard in my music.

    In the back, there are 5 jacks. MIDI in, MIDI out, Sustain, Phones/Output, and the power cord. I know it's not the power cord, MIDI jacks or sustain, so that would only leave Phones/Output. I'm just guessing here, but would I have to run a cable from the output, into the soundcard? I mean, I know it says output, so that's more like speakers/headphones, but I don't see any other options for line-in or anything. So if you don't mind?

  10. Guess I shouldn't have said it like that. I understand what they're talking about, it's just that I was having a bit of trouble getting things just right.

    And anyways, I managed to fix the majority of the problems I was having. If anyone still has any advice about that fuzz, which I managed to reduce, it would still be appreciated. Thanks.

  11. Edit: Alright, after a while, I tweaked it so it's just right, and that monitor is staying down. Now, while that's great... I still have a question. Whenever I listen to music, I usually don't hear much of a "buzz"/scratching sound while it plays, save for a few tracks. Now... while the monitor is down, the volume is just right, I'm getting a sort of fuzz/scratch/buzzing sound going on in certain parts of the piece. On speakers, you can't even tell that that's happening, so I'm wondering it it's merely my headphones, or if I still need to do some work in my piece to get rid of those "artifacts".

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